With eveyone storming up the hype of CBD,  is it really worth the time and money? Is CBD really something that can help you in your day to day life? Well, I am here today to tell you the answer to that question and it is; YES! CBD can help everyone in their own ways and can really help one transform their personal and professional life!

Now, If you just take any old CBD products you come across you will probobly get a bad taste for what CBD can really do and what it can change. You really need to be someone who can do their homework and look into the right  brands and products to consume. I will explain the difference in porducts, turn arounds, and more about CBD in this article so you do not get played out for your money and most importantly have a bad mindset about CBD.

First off I would like to talk about the different types of CBD when it comes to ingestibles and the way they are extracted:

There is 3 types of products when it comes to CBD oils, edibles, softgels

  • Isolate

Isolates are CBD without any other terpenes or addadtives. CBD isolates contain no THC and also do not cantain any terpenes. It is a molecule by itself. This form is usually the cheapest way of producting CBD and will take a lot away from the effects and outcomes of the product.

  • Full Spectrum

Full spectrum CBD is CBD with the legal limit of 0.3% THC and other terpenes. This form of CBD is the easiest to produce out of the three and the form you will come across in this industry a lot. Now when this form is produced from the right company you will have a pretty good experience, but will not have the purity and strenght becasue of all that is taken away from it. Usually due to companies that are greedy and not looking for great quality, you will have a product that is not at a peak level and can really put a bad taste in your mouth for CBD.

  • Broad Spectrum

Last but not least there is a form called broad spectrum. Broad spectrum does not contain any THC; however, it contains terpenes and this product is usally at the finest level if it is a 100% garenteed broad spectrum product. It also cost more to produce due to the chromotagrophy process that it has to go through to get rid of the THC. That being said this form is the hardest to produce, but when done right, you get a pure product that will give you the best turn around.

(Broad spectrum CBD is usually the most expensive but is well woth it for the results and can really make the change you are looking for)

Some of the best companies to get broad spectrum products from is:

  1. Green Roads(Most sales in 2019, but Expensive, and overyly marketed)
  2. Medterra(highly recomeneded, but expensive) 
  3. Joy Organics(best brand look and true inspiration behind the compnay) 
  4. Allevi8te (Best pricing for the quality, but new to the industry with not a lot of exposure) 


Smoking CBD


Is smoking CBD good for results? The answer to that question is YES! Smoking CBD is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD and can really give you what you are looking for without a "high" effect. Now, that being said; you need to know where the CBD flower is sourced from and how to read a lab report.

YES, reading a lab report can really help you from getting ripped off. Please look into other articles and sites to learn more about lab reports.

We have tested a lot of CBD flower brands and products. hands down one of the best brands we have tried is Lit Pharma This brand has an aboslute amazing appeal to it along with amazing quality. This brand has revolutionized the look of CBD flower products and is really taking it to the next level when it comes to the way they represent themsleves.

Some of the key factors about Lit Pharma is:

  • All products are organically grown in the USA wihtout chemicals or prstisides
  • All products are hand trimmed in a GMP compliant lab
  • All products are top sealed for freshness preservation
  • Flower is very healthy and looks amazing
  • The brand theme is just on point witht the look
  • pricing is amazing for the quality
  • Shipping is quick
  • The pharmacy look just puts them over the top in our opinion!
















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