CBD Introduction, Origin


Cannabidiol (CBD) has gain media fame in 2018 as it is directly related as an effective wellness booster for maintaining a healthier life. CBD actually is the vital component of cannabis medical (marijuana). Cannabis is native from the hemp plant, considered as cousin of marijuana plant family. World health of Organization (UN-WHO) has already had a report regarding CBD which states that its usage has not directly related to any unhealthy or injurious medical effect in humans as per health records. CBD products are legalized and are widely used as wellness medicines in various parts of the world now-a-days.


Cannabidiol (CBD) Legal Status  


Cannabidiol undergone clinically lab test trials in 2015 and it managed to obtain legal status in USA most states particularly with legal limitations. Hemp plant is still under consideration to get a legal status by congress for further legalization with its clinical use in humans. It is not recommended as medicine directly by doctors or physicians rather it is sold as supplement to treat the pain and stress in humans.


Clinical Use of CBD


CBD is basically considered more as highly effective supplement compound for the stress and anxiety patients. It is also helpful for people suffering from insomnia or sleeping disorder. Another positive effect has been observed in some patients having epilepsy syndrome being cured with CBD dosage. CBD products are also recommended in healing arthritis pain with its application on skin. It is suggested as natural relaxation supplement instead of medicine in its greater aspect. It is widely used by athletes as well for boosting their health and nerves. It is still under consideration to be recommended for cancer treatment because it is established by numerous researches that CBD kills cancer cells especially breast cancer to some extent. However, there are still recent researches undergoing for final outcome. It contains ingredients that can prevent acne on skin. CBD lab tests further proved that it has properties which can prevent bad effects of Alzheimer disease. All these tests are tried on animals or in tubes in laboratories.


Nirvana CBD Company Intro


Nirvana CBD company came into existence in 2017 in Canada standing on main core value i.e. wellbeing of humans on earth. Nirvana CBD focus on human beings health to be treated with utmost care and honesty thus providing alternative therapy to sustainable health at all levels. The company grows its products in Colorado and Oregon and then manufactures it in California with an objective to provide relief from stress and anxiety naturally to people.


Nirvana CBD Company Certification


At Nirvana CBD Company, they are maintaining the best practiced quality standards ensuring to meet the international demands. All the process and testing is highly transparent and thus all Nirvana CBD products are ISO certified by third party. QR code is placed on each product for scanning the standardization of each and every product.

Nirvana CBD product Range

Nirvana CBD is offering a long range of products which includes CBD Oil, CBD Topicals, CBD Gummies, CBD Shots, CBD Soft Gels and CBD for pets as well. The company has make it easier for the customers to have better understanding of the product range by making it available on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. The foremost objective is to educate the people by creating awareness about the CBD use for better health.

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