CBSE Board Exam 2020: As has announced the date sheet of 10 and 12 examinations, the preparation also started at its highest forms. CBSE exams for both the classes will begin from 15 February, 2020 and will last until the month of March, 2020. Board will first organize the papers of all vocational subjects in same way as was practiced in last year examinations.
CBSE Board Exam Preparation Tips
Here we are discussing some very important tips and tricks, which students must follow while preparing for their board exams. Remember one thing; you must be prepared and organized for tomorrow and for that, you have to plan it today. Planning is an important aspect for whatever you are doing. for passing an examination with flying colors students require to do both hard word and smart work so that at an equivalent time, they can utilize good and reliable resources which boost up their preparation. Here we are providing below some important exam preparation tips for 10 and 12 students, which will help them in make exam preparations efficiently:
1. Start with quick revision of your entire syllabus and mark important topics
This is the important thing to go through the syllabus prescribed by CBSE for current school term. It is the foremost important tool to structure your preparation strategy as CBSE has already notified that the question papers in 10 and 12 examinations are going to be entirely supported the newest syllabus. Therefore, students should undergo the syllabus to understand the topics to cover for board exam. after going through the entire syllabus and revising thoroughly, you must mark important topics along with last revision so that you can revise it.
2. Make register of important formulas, diagrams and memory techniques.
While doing revision before the exams, it will not be possible to cover the entire concepts, properties, definitions from your huge book as it require lots of time. Therefore, it is better to make a register of important formulas, diagrams and memory techniques.
3. Give your preparation boost with previous year question papers and sample papers
By solving previous year question papers you can understand that what kinds of questions are been commonly asked in board exams. You furthermore may get an idea about the concepts and topics that has to be prepared with more concentration. You get a fantastic boost in your confidence level whenever you solve a previous year question paper successfully. Thus, solving previous year question papers helps you lessen the exam pressure, preparing you to supply an impressive performance in exams.
4. Practice answer writing and compare with toppers answers for the presentation
For last few years, CBSE has been releasing the answer sheets of subject-wise toppers within the examinations conducted within an equivalent year. This is often often an outstanding initiative by board to help students understand the strategies followed by toppers while writing their papers. Students can understand the standards that the thanks to start writing the answers for questions of varied formats, from which inquiries to start out first, the thanks to present your answer script within the simplest way and more. This is often often very helpful to formulate your own exam writing technique, which may perhaps cause you to subsequent topper in CBSE exams.
5. Make notes for last minute revision
It does not matter how much you have studies so far, after revising number of times, practicing previous year question papers, there will some topics, formulas, headings, diagrams that you probably in doubt or might not remember or so far not so confident. Thus without wasting any time, make a register in which write down important topics, formulas, diagrams. It is not possible that you can go through each and every topic thus make a separate last minute revision notes during your revision time as you will not need any extra time further.
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