Passing the CBSE board exam question papers of class 10 and class 12 with flying colors is coveted by many students. Everybody dreams of passing them with good scores, in 10th class to get the stream of their choice and forming the basis of their career and then in 12th class to get into the desired college which would give wings to their aspirations and dreams and help them reach their goal with perfection.

Most of the students scare the CBSE board exams, specially the 10th class students as they give these exams for the first time. It is so different from them to attempt questions different from the pattern they have been following otherwise, in their respective schools. The main structure of CBSE Board exams of class 10 and class 12 was that the students of a school will have a centre outside the school and they would have to appear there for there exams. And then after the exams are over they will get their respective streams on the basis of the percentage achieved, in class 10 and get admission in to any college based on the percentage of class 12. In class 12 the same procedure is being followed but in class 10, the government has brought in the new system of grading the students. In this new system, the students will give their exams in their own respective schools, and they will be graded on the basis of marks achieved by them. However, the question paper will be designed by CBSE board only. The main reason for this change was the increase in number of suicide cases appearing in front of the government. Many students are totally stressed out with the schedule of the CBSE board exams, and when they are not able to stand up to their own expectations and the pressure of their parents, during these exams, they resort to the option of committing suicide. This new system of grading would help to reduce the stress level of the students, as they will be giving exams in their own schools only like they have been giving throughout. However, the question paper would be prepared by CBSE which they can practice from the sample question papers available on the internet, questions given by the teachers, and textbooks questions, as CBSE board usually confines to the textbooks questions, so one has to be thorough with his or him textbook before referring to other guide books or help books.

The CBSE board exams of class 10 and class 12 are very important for the students but they need to focus on the right study material and worry less. If they study hard nothing in the world can stop them from achieving what they want. The cbse question papers
are very easy one just needs to read them carefully and answer precisely.

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