Recent years have seen many people struggling to admit their children in CBSE schools across the nation since the CBSE Board Syllabus is uniform nationally and one need not worry of different CBSE Board Question Papers. The problem has been noted for candidate to occur of candidates moving to states that may have few CBSE board schools thus causing lots of complication for candidates that don’t know the local language.
The problem is noted mainly in state board but it may be too late to change the situation since many states today are following their own board systems that are well established. But this has also resulted to most of the scattered CBSE board schools in states like Punjab and Gujarat to begin exploiting parent searching for the CBSE Board syllabus. This in it self described as corruption and as we fight the scourge in the nation many parents are paying donation to enroll their children to CBSE Board syllabus. Although the state boards may be more difficult for outsiders to cope with there are noted to be less corrupt due to more schools available.
It is a nightmare that education is turning in to a commercial enterprise today and the CBSE board is a perfect example, since the CBSE Board syllabus is similar to other board only not including regional languages. This has made it an up hill challenge for many parents since people who need to transfer from one state to another may simply not be able to provide the CBSE board syllabus to children. Instead many parents are resorting to admission children to the state board schools and providing CBSE Board Question Papers just to test their childs ability.
Time has come for the central government to make a decision regarding a uniform education system across the nation. The CBSE bard should be adopted by all schools in every state to clear this mess. Having different state education boards in one nation is seriously compromising the education levels of all candidates. This may not be a simple task as one would expect but with proper planning even mountains could be moved.

Having a uniform education system like the CBSE board across the nation will give all students a level playing field and experts could easily note the underperformers after CBSE Board Question Papers. As time passes results are bound to begin picking up due to state completion but now with different state boards it is difficult to judge the standard of individual state education performances.

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