Always at the forefront of innovation, CD Formulation, a U.S.-based chemical supplier, recently announced its commitment to providing the highest quality contact angle testing services for pharmaceutical excipients worldwide.

"Meeting customer needs and exceeding customer expectations are always our long-term goals. We seize every opportunity to apply the latest science and technology to the pharmaceutical industry through our diversified drug analysis service portfolios in the hope of advancing the global healthcare business," said a spokesperson for CD Formulation.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients with specific functions are the two general components of pharmaceutical formulations. Surfactants are the most commonly used functional excipients, which change the contact angle between the liquid and the tablet by reducing the interfacial tension, thus improving the hygroscopicity of the tablet.

CD Formulation can test the contact angle of pharmaceutical excipients to help customers better select surfactants, which in turn facilitates drug development and improves the commercialization of pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile, CD Formulation also provides insight and guidance for tablet formulation and design.

Determination of Critical Micelle Concentration and Surface Tension
Determination of the Contact Angle of a Drop of Liquid on the Surface of a Surfactant-excipient Mixture
Determination of Dynamic Contact Angle of Droplets on the Surface of Excipients

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About Pharmaceutical Analysis
The field of pharmaceutical analysis is a chemistry subfield that encompasses processes for identification, determination, quantification, and purification of substances. Its primary purpose is to separate the components in a mixture and to determine a compound's structure. Qualitative and quantitative analyses are the two main types of analytical methods utilized in this field.

Pharmaceutical analysis and testing involves the assessment of a drug's purity, concentration, active ingredients, shelf life, absorption rate in the body, identity, stability, and release rate.

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Known for its robust expertise and profound professionalism, CD Formulation not only serves as a trusted CRO service provider for pharmaceutical companies to solve drug formulation challenges, but also works as a renowned supplier of a full range of pharmaceutical excipients, cosmetic ingredients and food ingredients.