Going for an interview is a mixed feeling of enthusiasm and nervousness. Job hunting is a tedious task and facing a board of interviewers is the toughest part of the lot. Instead of looking at interview as a daunting task, it should be taken as the opportunity to showcase your worth and work. A nicely crafted CV grabs the eyes of the selectors and receiving an interview call means that you have been through the first hurdle. Some of the basic points that should be kept in mind while going for an interview have been enumerated below:

1. An interview is the first face off with the employers. So try to put the best foot forward. Wear neat and clean clothes. Wearing casuals while facing an interview is a big turn off. Always try to wear formal clothes with minimum accessories.

2. Body language and etiquettes speak louder than words. It is mandatory to follow simple laws of greeting and communication. Greet everyone with a smile in the interview board. Make eye contact while answering a question but keep redirecting eyes to different members. Behave politely and admit your shortcomings or mistakes. Always remember it is good to be assertive but avoid being adamant.

3. Always do a good research about the company you are applying. It leaves a good impression if you know about the tops and bottoms of the company.

4. Prepare answers for tricky questions and try to engage interviewer. Give a detailed answer to every question. Try to highlight your relevant achievements. But again never do self boasting.

5. Avoid being sceptical in an interview. The board may ask about the reasons why you are leaving the previous job. Instead of criticizing your past boss or company try to give a concise and progressive answer.

6. Always send a follow up e-mail or call them after the interview. It asserts your seriousness and sincerity about the job.

Your interview is an entry gate to the dream job. Always try to do your best. Remember, that the employee considered your credentials suitable for the post. Your task is only to confirm his predictions.

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