We all know that Valentine's Day is a premier occasion to give chocolates to a loved one. What better way to show your partner how much you care than by presenting her with a big red heart filled with sweet chocolate indulgences. But there are other occasions throughout the year when chocolate makes the perfect gift. Celebrate every month of the year with luscious truffles or other confections that will delight your loved ones and make memorable gifts.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in March with a mint truffle cloaked in chocolate. This combination is a perfect way to incorporate some green into the holiday while enjoying the taste of chocolate as well. While this may not be the perfect match with green beer, you can certainly pair it with hot cocoa or serve it after your meal of corned beef and cabbage.

Easter is another holiday that is celebrated with chocolate. But think about giving chocolate to someone other than the kids this Easter. Instead of an Easter corsage or Easter Lilly, give mom a box of gourmet chocolates. A fruit-filled truffle may remind her of the upcoming spring days and sweeten her Easter Sunday.

Mother's Day in May is another occasion where chocolate will delight mom or the other females in your life whom you may want to remember with a Mother's Day gift. You may want to celebrate with grandma or a favorite aunt or even give a memorable gift to a new mom who is celebrating her very first Mother's Day.

Celebrate Father's Day in June with chocolate. Give dad gourmet chocolate truffles to satisfy his sweet tooth in a big way. Indulge in chocolate after taking dad out to lunch or to play nine-holes on the golf course. Or let him hide it away so he can enjoy it after everyone goes home.

The Fourth of July is always an occasion for a celebration and what better way to revel in independence than by throwing calorie concerns to the wind and eating some chocolate. White chocolate truffles surrounded by blueberries and strawberries will make a memorable red, white and blue desert. Or serve up some pink lemonade truffles with glasses of bubbly and enjoy the fireworks.

Halloween doesn't have to be scary if you have delicious chocolate confections on hand to ward away zombies and goblins. If you have visitors, serve them a delicious dark chocolate truffles to make the occasion memorable.

Give thanks in November with a delicious chocolate pie to serve after your Thanksgiving dinner. Chocolate lovers will be grateful to have an alternative to pumpkin and apple pies. Or add some variety to the desert table by adding a plate of salty caramel truffles or other gourmet chocolate candy.

Of course, Christmas is the ultimate opportunity to give chocolates to a loved one, a colleague, a friend, your child's teacher or coach, the paper carrier or your neighbors. It's also the occasion to have a lot of chocolate on hand for visitors and carolers who may pop up at your door to celebrate the season.

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Give a gift of chocolate truffles or gourmet chocolate truffles for your next special occasion. Everyone loves receiving a gift of gourmet chocolate so you can't go wrong.