I once read a book by Oral Roberts titled "When you see the invisible you can do the impossible". In that book, he explained how he achieved many feats by keeping before him, the things God told him to do. After I read that book, I gave some personal reflection to the implications of what the content of that book should have in my life. I realized that I had also been able to weather many storms in life based on my decision to celebrate the invisible.

Celebrating the invisible is basically about setting your eyes on a target and letting that target be your source of inspiration and motivation. Tough times hardly break us, but many of us just survive through them. However, the way we weather tough times determines whether we come out of the storms we face riding on top of the wave or submerged beneath it.

Whenever we go through some form of challenge or the other we say: There is light at the end of the tunnel! There is a silver lining to this dark cloud! But what exactly is that silver lining? I have come to realize something about people of exploits. There is something in the way they make it through all the challenges of life. They have a very clear cut picture of what it is they are aiming for. They have a very vivid picture of what they are to do in life and also what they want out of life. They see their own big picture of life. They believe in these things so much that even though these invisibles have not yet materialized, they are as good as real to them.

The ability to see things the way they can be, instead of the way they are, is priceless.

The ability to see yourself the way you can be over the way you are or have been is pivotal to unlocking your true potential.

The practice of behaving in ways that reflect what you want to be is the secret to becoming whatever you want to be.

The ability to see and treat people how they can be is pivotal in unlocking the greatness within others.

Great achievers learn to celebrate the future. They live with such a consciousness of the things they desire and aspire to that they need to remind themselves, sometimes, that they are not already where they are going to be.

Learn to celebrate the future you desire.

It is not an ability that is endowed. It is a skill that is learnt.

Let the picture you see drive the actions you take. Then sit back and begin to enjoy the reality of the things you expect.

Author's Bio: 

Ayodeji Majekodunmi is a motivational and inspirational writer. Searching for a deeper meaning of the essence of life led this author into priceless truths which are expounded in his books. Drawing on numerous encounters with people from different backgrounds, orientations and aspirations, he creatively draws vital lessons of life from everyday stories. His first book titled "You are Special" was published in 2010. He tries to make a contribution to the quality-of-life through his books. He believes books should be interesting to read with the ability to positively transform the reader.