There are special moments in life, which really, the appropriate response is to celebrate. We’re humans and this is part of the human condition. And I want to share with you one of those special moments that just happened to me just a couple of days ago.

Would have been March 15, 2009 took the family - of course mainly the seven year old daughter - to HoloMagic Kingdom.

And of course, after a full day of rides, and shows, and adventure, and ice cream, and all that good stuff, we were waiting at—in front of HoloMagic Castle, we were in Magic Kingdom in Disney World. That’s the castle you always see in the photographs that represent Disney Land.

In front of that enchanted castle, waiting for the fireworks, everybody’s looking off to the east, everybody’s looking off to the east, so of course, not being too dumb, we start looking off to the east, too. And of course we catch drift real soon – there’s about to be the launch of another space shuttle. Discovery!

Here’s how says it, “Cape Canaveral Florida, March 15, 2009. Space Shuttle Discovery and its7 member crew lifted off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at 7:43 p.m. EDT Sunday, to deliver the final set of power generating solar array wings and a new crew member to the International Space Station.”

Do know, the majesty of the experience, watching it from that vantage point… It looked a lot like you see it on T.V. You’ve seen it in London, UK, or in Sydney, Australia, or in Singapore, Singapore, or any other place in the world… It looked a lot like you see it on T.V. Except the majesty was just so much different.

Saw it going up, saw the big clouds spuming out and actually believed we saw, and did see, the curve, and it was flying upside down, of course I couldn’t see that… I learned that at the Kennedy Space Center the following day.

And then saw the 2 booster rockets drop off and of course they were aflame and glowing and they dropped into the ocean to be recycled, they’ll be picked up. And they just kept on, kept on, kept on going until eventually it disappeared, just like on T.V. But the majesty was just so great.

And there was really nothing I could do, I was struck there with awe, the family was struck with awe, and I’m sharing with you the awe. There are magic moments in which the most appropriate response is to celebrate!

I wish you a life of much celebration!

Oh, and as a matter of fact, walking into the gates at Disney Park that’s what it says on a banner above the gateway, “Celebrate Today!”

P.S. If you want to see a photo of Disney’s “Celebrate Today” banner, go to

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