Friendship is a feeling felt by hearts, it happen regardless of of the odds and distance in life. No power in the world can destroy the feeling of friendship and love. But, we do have the power within us to make the bond even stronger as per time. Friends are the most valuable part of our lives. We have casual friends as well as friends for life, whatever the type of friendship is; it is a necessity because we are social animals. Some of us restrict ourselves to a particular, society or community, state or religion, etc. for friendship, however, true friendship knows no boundaries.

When you have a lot of friends across the border, from different culture, religion, race, color, etc. however, we still feel for each other in the same way as we do for our other friends. It is because friendship is the words of hearts and can be understood by everyone. We should always work on making our enemies, our friends, rather than making our friends, our enemies. Spreading love and friendship is the best gift to the mankind. However, there are many other gifts which make this bond special.

Celebrate this friendship day with all your friends, whether near or far, with joy and love. Exchange friendship day gifts with each other to make it a memorable one. Flowers have been used to express love and feeling since a very long time, so why not give friendship day flowers to your friend.

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