You know, perspective is everything. I see more and more, no, I feel more and more how our choices in every moment create our realities. I recently attended a little people birthday party and was closer to the end of the 3 hour party window. The party was quite a distance for me to drive and during a busy day but I joyfully made the commitment to attend because I love celebrating with little people.

My heart sank when the host’s first words were “well, finally! I thought you weren’t coming. What happened? We started a few hours ago!” I know that she was happy we were there and she was a generous host, I know she did not intend to say heart sinking things but I immediately thought how great it would be to instead say “I’m so glad you made it!” or something that purely celebrated that we were there.

This dialogue is telling of a constant abrasiveness, everywhere and it’s a subtle kind of violence. A celebratory shift that comes from the heart would have us all thinking, feeling and saying much more loving things to ourselves and to others.

There is a language of peace and it starts within. One thought at a time, one person at a time, one city, country, continent…it’s the way to achieve global peace.

The ice cream cake was enjoyable, sharing my thoughts leaves a sweet heartache.

Author's Bio: 

Anne Marie Daniolos is single mother to a delicious baby girl who is commitment to inspiring individuals and humanity to reach it's full potential.