If someone was to think about a singer or an actor, for instance, they could say that these people have one purpose. When it comes to the former, they could say that their purpose is to sing and, when it comes to the latter, they could say that their purpose is to act.

Clear As Day

This is then going to be what they do and, if they were to think about other singers and actors, they could say the same thing. As a result of this, one is unlikely to believe that these people have a hidden agenda.

They will be no different to how a mechanics main purpose is to fix cars or a chef’s main purpose is to make food. This could also mean that they won’t look up to these people either, simply seeing them as normal human beings.

Another Role

However, if one was to do some research and to find out what these kinds of people come out with, they might start to see that it is not this black and white. This could be a time when they will see that certain actors and musicians are extremely vocal when it comes to certain causes and issues.

There will be some who are happy to talk about politics, what is taking place with the environment and guns, amongst other things. After seeing this, they could say that they are entitled to talk about whatever they want.

A Free Mind

Once again, though seeing these people as just normal human beings, it could stop them from placing too much value on what they come out with. One could believe that someone is a great singer/actor, but it doesn’t mean that they see them as some kind of sage.

Through being able to think for themselves, it will allow them to do their own research and to look towards the people who know what they are talking about when it comes to social issues or politics, for instance. This is then no different to how one is likely to accept what their dentist says when it comes to their teeth, but they are unlikely to accept everything else that they say.

Another Experience

Still, while this is how some people will behave in regards to what different celebrities come out with, there are going to be others who have a different approach. When someone does have a different approach, it can mean that they will look up to these kinds of people.

It then won’t matter that they are just human beings who can sing or act, for instance, as they will be seen as being above other people. If someone has this outlook, it could show that they are at the beginning of their life.


Consequently, their brain is still going to be developing, meaning their ability to think critically might not be online. In addition to this, they probably won’t know much about life or have experienced much, and this will make it harder for them to realise when they are being deceived.

Ideally, someone like this would be told by their elders and teachers that just because someone can sing or act, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they know everything. What would also help is for them to be told that these people are human beings; they are not gods.

A Barrier

The trouble is what when someone is young, they can believe that they know everything. This was something that Oscar Wilde was aware of when he said, “I am not young enough to know everything”.

Yet, if they don’t have a close relationship with their parents, for instance, and believe that the sun shines out of these celebrities behinds, they are going to be happy to swallow everything that these people say. With this in mind, it could be said that today’s celebrities have a lot of power and this means that they have a lot of responsibility.

A mixed bag

Now, there are going to be plenty of celebrities who realise this, and this will cause them to watch what they say. There will be some who believe that it is best for them to keep their views to themselves.

But for others, they will feel the need to present their views as the truth, and it could be said that they will be abusing their power. It can then seem as though their fame has gone to their head and this has resulted in them being out of touch with reality.

An Ulterior Motive

They can end up saying things that are completely irrational, creating the impression that they haven’t taken the time to think about what they have said. One way of looking at this would be to say that someone like this might have a well developed voice but what they don’t have is a well developed intellect.

Another way of looking at it would be to say that this actor/musician has been told what to say by the people above them. What this would show is that even though someone like this can appear to have a lot of power, they are still going to be controlled by other people.

Power Hungry

Someone like this can have such a craving for power and attention that they may have lost touch with their true-self to be where they are. Thus, they are not going to be bothered about doing the right thing; they will only be concerned with maintaining their position of power.

Their singing or acting, for instance, is the going to be a way for them to fulfil their ego needs and it will allow the people above them to achieve their nefarious aims. And, as most their target audience will look up to them and believe just about everything that comes out of their mouth, there will be no need for them to have a well developed intellect.


The best time to indoctrinate people is when they are young; this is when they are most vulnerable. Based on this, certain celebrities are there to shape children’s minds, and their purpose is then no different to the education system.

The difference is that one won’t graduate after listening to what these kinds of people have to say, but they will if they finish their time at college/university. Lastly, the word graduation is said to mean gradual indoctrination.

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