When it comes to a famous actor or singer, for instance, it could be said that their purpose is either to act or to sing. This is then no different to how a plumber or an electrician, for instance, is going to have their own purpose.

Now, this is not to say that a singer or an actor won’t do anything else in life, as they are bound to have other interests. And the same can be said if someone is a plumber or an electrician.

One Difference

What all of these people have in common, though, is that it is only possible for them to do what they do because of the support that people give them. This support is primarily provided by the money that they are given for what they do.

So, if it wasn’t for this money, they wouldn’t be able to experience life in the same way. An actor or a singer can then come across as being larger than life, but if it wasn’t for the people who helped them to get to where they are and keep them there, they would soon fall down.

One Thing to Keep In Mind

With this in mind, one would think that it would be in their best interest to keep their views to themselves; that is, of course, when it comes to certain topics. Another way of looking at this would be to one to imagine how they would feel if their plumber told them how they should live their life.

If this was to occur, they would probably tell them that they have crossed the line, and they might even ask them to leave. And, once they have left their home, this could be the last time they will ever be there.

It’s gone to their head

However, when a certain celebrity tells people what they should be doing in life, they can believe that they are doing the right thing. What this can show is that there is no doubt in their mind; they are in a place of complete certainty.

One way of looking at this would be to say that the life they lead has played a big part in what is taking place in their mind. This can then have set them up to believe that they are superior to the people who elevated them to this position.

All Knowing

This person is likely to be worth millions, and they will be used to having people around them who tell them what they want to hear. Therefore, they will live on the same planet as the average person, but it will be as if they live on another planet entirely.

Not only will they be a good actor or singer, they will also be an expert when it comes to just about every other area of life. And thanks to social media, they will have the ability to share their views whenever they want.

Two Experiences

There are going to be people who will go along with whatever comes out of their mouth, and then there are going to be others who don’t. If one does go along with whatever they say, it could show that they are not very old.

Their mind is still going to be developing, and they may believe that this celebrity knows everything. Thus, even if this person says that they are not religious, they are still going to have their own god.

Another Reason

Then again, someone could be over twenty five but they could still believe everything that comes out of a celebrity’s mouth. This could how that they haven’t developed the ability to think critically.

Perhaps they have the tendency to go with how they feel, and this is then stops them from being able to question what they are told. Through being this way, it is going to be easy to control what they believe.

A Number of Areas

If one has been listening to a celebrity for a certain period of time, they may believe that guns should be banned and that there should be no walls or borders. This is likely to have been something that a celebrity will have said on numerous occasions.

The person they look up to will have said this and that will be the only thing that matters. It will be similar to what would happen if they were given something by their doctor; they will take it due to the fact that this person had told them to.

Stepping Back

Yet, regardless of whether one believes that guns should be banned or that walls and borders are a bad thing, they might end up feeling confused if they were to think about what they have heard. The reason for this is that the celebrity’s who are against these things are likely to be the very people who have body guards and live in houses with high walls.

A celebrity is then going to be saying something that doesn’t match up with how they live their own life. One then has to wonder if these people actually think before they open their mouth.

One Big Performance

On the surface, it can seem as though someone like this is an evolved human being who cares about other people. But if they have people around them who have guns and they have high level security around their house/s, and they are telling people to do away with the things that keep them safe - do they really care about others?

Ultimately, they are doing the complete opposite of what they are preaching, and this could show that they have an ulterior motive. Maybe these people don’t have a mind of their own; maybe they are told what to say even when they are not acting or singing.

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