In today’s world, there are plenty of people who follow a celebrity or a number of them, and it is easier than ever before for this to take place. This is primarily because of the internet and how one can follow them on social media.

Before this option was available, one would have had to buy a paper or to watch TV, for instance. But nowadays, they can keep up to date with them without even needing to get out of bed.

A Number of Ways

This can take place through reading a status they have shared or through watching a video that they have uploaded. And the kind of videos they share can all depend on what they are famous for.

For example, an actor may share trailers for the films they are in and behind the scenes footage. A singer, on the other hand, could share music videos or concert performances, among other things.

A Strong Connection

And while these videos will have an effect on them; what is likely to have a bigger effect is when a celebrity shares a personal message. Through watching these kinds of videos, one can feel as though they know them.

A celebrity is then not going to be seen as ‘just another celebrity’; they could be seen as an important part of their life. There is also the chance that they could be obsessed with one or a number of them.


But even if one did spend a lot of their time thinking about someone who is in the public eye, it doesn’t mean that they will look into why this is, and this is because of how obsessed society is with celebrities. As a result for this, the people they surround themselves with could also be in the same position.

It is then not something that needs to be looked into; it is simply part of life. Now, this is not to say there is anything wrong with being inspired by someone, but if it ends up taking over one’s life, it could lead to problems.


And while a celebrity can talk about their own profession and other areas of their life, they can also share their views about other things. During this time, they could talk about how society needs to change, or they could talk about something that is taking place in the mainstream media, for instance.

Their views can then end up being heard by their fans, as well as by people who are not their fans. One reason for this is that the mainstream media gives a lot of attention to what celebrities have to say, and social media also gives them plenty of exposure.

The Truth

If one is obsessed with a celebrity, for instance, they can end up believing everything that they have to say. It is then not that they are sharing their own views; they are sharing the truth.

And while this could be a sign that they are not very old, this might not be the case. They could be a fully grown adult and still believe everything that comes out of a celebrity’s mouth.

The Same Experience

However, one could still believe everything they hear even if they are not obsessed with them, and this shows the effect that celebrities have. What this comes down to is that even though they are simply human beings; they are often elevated to a godlike status.

This is something that a lot of actor’s experience, and this is partly because they play roles where they are larger than life. Yet even though they are simply acting, people can come to believe that it is who they are.


Based on this, they are not human beings who make a living through imitating others; they are above everyone else. This is not to say that they aren’t talented; what is comes down to is that they are very often no different to anyone else.

In most cases, what is different is that they are doing something that a lot of people value and as a result of this, it enables them to been seen in a certain way by the general public. So if an organisation or someone in power wanted to influence others, for instance, the best thing for them to do would be to get a celebrity to share their views as their own.

The Difference

If a politician was to say something, there is a strong chance that people would overlook what is being said, but when it comes to a celebrity, it can be a completely different story. For one thing, a lot of people don’t trust politicians, but the same can’t be said for celebrities.

One way of seeing how crazy it is to believe that celebrities know everything would be to imagine a chef in the same position. On one hand, it could be said that they make great food, but on the other hand, one wouldn’t believe everything that comes out of their mouth.

Critical Thinking

What this shows is how important is it for one to question what they hear and not to believe something just because they heard from someone who is famous. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people who are famous are out to deceive others; what it can come down to is that they are not perfect.

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