In today’s world, there are a number of ways for someone to become famous, and this has opened the door to people from all walks of life. Said another way, it is no longer necessary for someone to have real talent; they can end up in the public eye for other reasons.

Reality TV

What has played a big part in this are the kind of opportunity’s that are available on TV, and these have been available for a number of years now. For example, someone can go into a house or spend time on an island.

During this time, just about everything they do will be recorded and a lot of this footage will then be seen by others. Therefore, if someone is involved in one of these types of shows, they are going to receive a lot of exposure.

The Requirements

If one was to believe that someone needs to be of high moral character to get onto one of these shows, they are likely to be in for a shock. What they are likely to find, if they were to look into what kind of people appear on these shows, is that the opposite is often true.

It is often the most degenerate people who appear on these kinds of shows, but it doesn’t end there. Another thing that can make it easier for someone to appear on one of these shows is if they are physically attractive.

The Message

This is why it has been said that these kinds of programs can have a negative effect on the people who watch them; especially the younger generation. What this partly comes down to is that at the beginning of someone’s life, they can be high suggestible.

So, if they haven’t got any healthy role models in their life to offset what they are exposed to on TV, it can cause them to accept what they see. It is then not going to matter what they see, as it will go straight in.

The Family Breakdown

Now, it could be said that these are only TV programs and that people shouldn’t get too caught up in what they see. This is all well and good, but when someone doesn’t have people around them who are healthy, it is going to be normal for them to look elsewhere for guidance.

If one of their parents is no longer around, or if their parents have a dysfunctional relationship, for instance, they are going to have to look externally for answers. Whereas if they had two healthy role models to look up to, they would probably be less likely to go along with what they see on TV.

The Other Side

Along with the kind of people who become famous thorough appearing on these kinds of TV programs, there are those who take the more traditional route. Even so, it doesn’t mean that all of these people behave in a different manner.

What it is likely to mean is that these people are in the public eye because they have some kind of talent. Some of these people will have been spotted when they were younger, whilst others will have had famous parents, for instance.

Social Media

But even if someone like this has never been on a reality TV show, it doesn’t mean that other people won’t be able to find out more about them. The reason for this is that they can share photos and videos on different sites online.

There are going to be certain celebrities who will use these sites to share what they do, but they will only go so far. For others, this will be a way for them to share practically every part of their life.

Over Exposed

When it comes to the former, it could be said that a celebrity won’t have a strong need for attention. This will then allow them to keep some of their life private, and it could also show that they are fairly secure.

On the other hand, when it comes to the latter, it could be said that they have a strong need for attention. Through being this way, it is going to be a challenge for them to keep anything private, and it could be said that they are not very secure.

On A pedestal

However, even if a celebrity is behaving in a dysfunctional manner, it doesn’t mean that someone will realise this. When someone follows a celebrity, they can believe that they are perfect.

It is then not going to matter what they do, as it is not going to be possible for them to realise that they are just another human being. And the less developed someone is, the more likely they are to look up to another person.


The parts of themselves that they haven’t realised end up being attached to someone else. Yet, when one is unaware of what is taking place, it will cause them to believe that this person is above them.

Thus, in order to have people who are seen as being better than others, you need to have people who feel as though they are less than others. It is a symbiotic relationship; you can’t have one without the other.

Attention Seeking

One can then follow a celebrity (or a number of them) who needs a lot of attention, and this can be seen as the right way to behave. The fact that they are behaving in this way will be the only thing that matters.

The idealised idea that they have of them is going to stop them from taking a step back and looking into what consequences may arise from behaving in this way. When one does behave in this way, there will be the effect it has on others and the effect it has on themselves.


Other people can see them as being someone who is completely caught up with themselves; others will say that they are incredibly insecure. And, when one needs a lot of attention, they are likely to be emotionally dependent on other people.

How they feel will then be defined by how other people respond to what they do online and offline. The antidote to attention seeking behaviour is then for one to heal the pain that is within them, as this can allow them to become an interdependent adult.

Ultimately, just because a celebrity is behaving in a certain way, it doesn’t mean that this proves that it is a healthy way to behave. After all, the people in the public eye are often carrying a lot of pain within them.

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