Nobody receives as much scrutiny as celebrities. They are constantly under the public eye, and even their most private endeavors and problems are discussed publicly. When it comes to managing their weight, celebrities can’t seem to get anything right. Whether they gain weight or lose it, famous people are criticized openly and they often need to endure very harsh comments from the press and their fans (or critics). Here are a few examples.

They Went As Far As To Say He Was Cloned

Fans of the trap music rapper Gucci Mane were so stunned by his new appearance when he got out of prison, they simply couldn’t accept it. Apparently, seeing Gucci Mane fit was enough for fans to dream up wild conspiracy theories. They claimed he died in prison and that his record label (or the government) cloned him for appearances. No one believed that the rapper was committed to a new (healthier) lifestyle, and people still believe he isn’t the real Gucci Mane to this day.

There’s No Way To Please The Masses

While Adele is an artist best-known for her powerful voice, especially given her age, there’s no denying that she’s had her fair share of criticism from fans and critics alike over her weight. She was considered obese when she first started singing, and no one would leave her be. It seemed that everyone had something to say about her being overweight, and we can’t begin to imagine what that must have felt like for her.

Nonetheless, she decided to work on her fitness sometime in 2019. She claimed that she was exercising mainly to be fit enough to perform (which requires a lot of stamina), and one of the consequences was weight loss. You’d think that she would be left alone to get in shape, or at the very least, be praised for her weight loss. While she did receive much praise, she was still criticized for giving into societal pressures to get in shape. Some women felt that she was betraying them by losing weight, and didn’t hesitate to say so on social media.

A Rollercoaster Of Weight Gain and Loss

Jessica Simpson was always known for her beauty, and she was once an icon of sexuality. But nothing stays the same forever, she gained a lot of weight due to pregnancy and even after she had her children. It seemed like she was constantly gaining and losing weight. Of course, tabloids and gossip columns always had something to say about it. She recently lost over 100 pounds, which is no small feat at the age of 39. Yet again gossip columns, social media, and the press couldn't leave her be.

Celebrities need to develop an especially thick skin if they plan on staying in the public eye in any form. When it comes to weight management, they receive criticism no matter which way they go. This is in addition to all the other comments of disapproval they get for their appearance, actions, or opinions.

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