In today’s world, a lot of people are obsessed with celebrities, and there are a number of reasons as to why this is. For some people, this can simply be a way for them to avoid their own life.

This is likely to show that their life is not going as they would like it to go, and focusing on these people in the public eye will be a way for them to escape. It is then not that they look up to them; it is just that they keep them distracted.

Another Experience

For others, this will also be a way for them to avoid their own life, but that won’t be the only reason. These celebrities can also be seen as being better than them, and this will cause them to put these people on a pedestal.

It can then be as if they live the perfect life, and it is then going to be normal for these people to look up to them. And thanks to the internet, it is not difficult to stay up to date with what is taking place in their world.

One Response

If one doesn’t look up to celebrities but they still spend a lot of time following them, they might not be surprised if one of them has just been in an abusive relationship. And even if they do care about what has taken place, it could still just be a way to keep their mind busy.

One could believe that even though they are famous, they still have their own issues like everyone else. There is then going to be no reason for them to get too caught with what this person is going through.

A Different Response

Yet, if one does look up to the people in the public eye, they might find it hard to believe how this could happen. What they have heard could then consume their mind, and they might even start to feel down.

This celebrity could be seen as someone who has everything going for them, and there will then be no reason for them to experience life in this way. One could then start to think about if they really are perfect, or they could just carry on in the same way.


When it comes to why someone is famous, it can be because they are good at something. The skill or ability that they have is then what causes other people to elevate them, and to believe that they are different.

And this skill or talent will have allowed them to raise their position in the world, and they might even have a lot of money. Therefore, there is no reason why this person should be seen as having it all together.

One Area

There is the chance that only a few areas of their life are going in the right direction. This is then no different to how the average person can also have a few areas of life that are going well and a few that are not.

And if someone is good at something, there is a strong chance that they have had to overlook other areas of their life. One area can then be going extremely well, but another area can be in a real mess.

The Driving Force

When it comes to what gave them the motivation to get to where they are today, it can be the result of how much pain they were in. They might not have been happy with their life, or it could have been something far more severe.

Perhaps they felt completely worthless, and as though they had no reason to live. But no matter how they felt, it would have given them the energy that they needed to move forward.

Another Problem

However, even if they can’t relate to this, it doesn’t mean that their relationships were functional. They may have been used to being with people who treated them badly, or their caregivers might have treated them badly.

Time would then have passed but what was taking place within them wouldn’t have changed. Nevertheless, this is not to say that the fame, money and material possessions they now own won’t have had an effect on they feel.

An External World

When someone is a famous actor or musician, for instance, their appearance is going to be incredibly important. And through being in an environment like this, they are unlikely to feel the need to reflect on what is taking place within them.

Their priority is likely to be on what is taking place externally, and doing everything they can to look right. And if looking right was enough to attract a healthy partner, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Going Deeper

Yet when it comes to who someone attracts (and who they are attracted to), it is not just about what they look like. What also plays a part here is what is taking place within them; it could be said that this is far more important than their appearance.

It can be easy for someone to say that they were attracted to someone due to how they looked, but this is not the complete truth. What was taking place at a deeper level is what pulled them to this person, as opposed to someone else who was equally as attractive.

Moving Forward

It could then be said that even though someone can run away from themselves, the people they attract will remind them of what they are trying to avoid. This is why it is said that the world is our mirror.

If society encouraged people to face their pain and to work through it, there would be less chance of someone ending up in a series of abusive relationship. Instead of this, people are often told to focus on their appearance, and this can cause them to suffer unnecessarily.


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if someone is a celebrity or not when it comes to having a healthy relationship; what matters is that one values themselves. If they don’t, they are likely to end up in an abusive relationship.

If someone has the tendency to end up with people who are abusive, they might need to work with a therapist or a healer. This will give them the chance to look into what is taking place within them and to heal it.

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