For some time I have been reflecting on and thinking about what causes the obsession with celebrities. So here is my current outlook on what I believe is going on.

Today's Society

In today's society celebrities are often worshiped and are objects of obsession for many people. And it doesn't matter what these celebrity's do; for in today's world they don't need to have achieved or done anything. Just by the mere fact of being famous is more than enough for some people.

Healthy Role Models

There is of course healthy role models. These are people that one can look to for inspiration for what is possible and for strength during moments of despair. People that have exceptional talents and abilities can be great examples for many people.

They could also be described as individuals that display important characteristics. And by being exposed to these individuals one can begin to embody and internalise that which they have not yet realised within themselves.


However, these celebrities are often perceived as perfect and god like figures. They are put on a pedestal and are portrayed as being above normal people; with these normal people being the ones that are not usually famous.

A common occurrence here is that although they are initially put on a pedestal and looked up to, they are often brought down again shortly afterwards.

The problems arise when these celebrities are perceived as being superior to 'normal' people, there is then only one position these people can take. And this position is one of inferiority.

And this superiority/inferiority dynamic is not always displayed in a direct way. It is displayed in a way that says 'this is how life is and you better get used to it'. I would describe it as an unspoken rule. And it is not dissimilar to the carrot on the stick scenario. They are said to have everything and to lead the perfect lives and the rest of the population have to settle for a life of mediocrity and voyeurism.

The Perception Of Celebrities

All that is usually known about these celebrities is a perception. And this perception has typically come about through the Medias perception of that person.

And the ideas we have about these celebrities is also a consequence of our own perceptions and ways of looking at what the media says. This makes it hard to really know who these celebrities really are. It is one perception on top of another.

Who Are These Celebrities?

The question: Are these people really any different from the people that are not celebrities? And are their lives really as perfect as is made out?

Although it is easy to see these celebrities as being different to normal people, they have ultimately come from the same place and will go to the same place. They all have problems and challenges like everyone else.

The Ego Mind

This brings our attention to the ego mind and how it functions. The ego mind sees everything in polarities; good and bad, superior and inferior, right and wrong, outside and inside, connected and disconnected and so on.

It sees life this way because of the experiences one has had during their childhood and later life. And these experiences are likely to have included trauma and neglected needs.

An Inner Emptiness

A consequence of this childhood trauma is that one's true self is covered up and denied. It creates a disconnection from what is actually true and real.

This trauma could be experienced through: rejection, abandonment, invalidation, abuse, neglect and other ways.

And when this happens important emotional needs are likely to have been ignored and undeveloped.

Looking Outside

If one feels that something is missing inside; the natural thing to do is to look outside for fulfilment. This is not because one is lacking or is actually empty inside. What has happened is through trauma and unmet needs the illusion is created that something is missing.

The mind will then use defence mechanisms such as projection. This means that all that has yet to be realised on the inside will then be projected externally and onto other people. And one will then have a tendency to look up to people that display the characteristics that they have yet to realise themselves.

Being Conscious

As I have stated above, when this is done in a conscious way it is healthy and part of our growth as human beings. However this process often occurs unconsciously and leads to dysfunctional behaviours and ideas.

When we don't understand that the reason we look up to another is because they are displaying what we want to integrate within and see it as something only they have; one can only end up feeling disempowered.

One's own growth has then been momentarily stopped. Seeing these celebrities as having something they cannot have or achieve.

Inner Child

This where the inner child comes into the equation; our inner child is constantly calling out for acknowledgment and validation. All of the needs that were not taken care of all those years ago are still waiting to be met. And all of the pain that the child went through many years ago is also still there.

And unless this inner child has received any kind of healing or acknowledgment it will continue to affect our present day life. It will be easy for one to merge with this inner child and lose all conscious awareness. One will then act like this inner child and their life will be motivated by the inner Childs needs.

What Does This Mean?

Whether it is classed as the inner child or just as unmet childhood needs is not important. This is just to show what I believe is going on at a deeper level. What this could show is that if one is identified with their inner child and feels this sense of lack; it is only natural for one to look up to another.

This is a child that is powerless and has no power itself, all of the power rests with the caregivers. And at such an age these caregivers are seen as gods and goddesses. As larger than life figures; that posses such power and control.

So Why Are Some People Obsessed With Celebrities?

So, could it be that reason so many people are obsessed with celebrities is because they have identified with their inner child and that this inner child is seeing these celebrities as mother and fathers figures? Possessing far more power and control than they have.

And that the more one takes care of these needs and begins to be the observers of their inner child as opposed to merging with it, they will begin to see these celebrities in a functional away and as being simply human. To be seen as examples of what is possible and not as being any better or worse than anyone else.

As human beings that have developed certain skills and abilities, but that also have problems and challenges like normal people.


Another way of looking at this would be to say that as a society we are emotionally undeveloped and are cut off from our true selves. And because of this, the average person knows more about celebrities than they do about themselves.

The celebrity worship is a direct reflection of one's own ignorance. The more cut off one is from themselves the more one will then look outside.

If for the majority of life one is told what they should do and also what they should believe; it is then only natural for a disconnection to take place. And once one feels disconnected from their own purpose and what matters; it is only normal to then look up to and worship others who have found theirs.

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