When a politician has the desire to get into a certain position, they can end up looking towards different celebrities. And while some of these might be known by people who fall into a certain age group, for instance, there can be others who will be known by people of all ages.

Therefore, it could be said that when someone is well-known by people of all ages, they are going to have a lot of influence. Still this is not to say that these kinds of celebrities will be the only ones that matter, as they are all going to have the ability to influence others.

Another Approach

Having these celebrities by their side will then allow a politician to have a bigger effect than they would have if they had other people by their side. For example, if they were to go out and to recruit some of the best minds in the country to endorse them, there is a strong chance that they wouldn’t do as well.

This partly comes down to the fact that most people won’t know who they are, and this will then mean that they won’t respond in the same way. It then won’t matter if the people they have found are highly intelligent and know what they are talking about.

One Area

Along with aligning themselves with celebrities that are well-known, they can also make sure that the people they have by their side are respected by a certain race. Through doing this, they will believe that it will cause people of a certain race to vote for them.

This can also take place by having someone who is respected by a certain sex, and having someone who represents a certain religion. If they can find people who tick all these boxes (and many others), then it will be ever better.

Who Cares?

One way of looking at this would be to say that it is completely irrelevant who endorses them; what matters is what they stand for. When one has this outlook, it could show that they have the ability to think critically.

However, although celebrity endorsements shouldn’t have an effect on who people vote for, it doesn’t mean they don’t have an effect. This is something that politicians realise and they take advantage of it.

Point of Focus

When someone likes a celebrity and this celebrity is endorsing a certain politician, they can end up voting for them. It is then similar to how one can allow someone into their house if a friend has told them that they are ok.

One trusts their judgement and so they are willing to go along with what they say; if they didn’t trust them, this wouldn’t take place. In the same way, people can look up to a certain celebrity and they can then end up doing what they do.

Switched Off

What this can then show is that their thinking brain will have been put to one-side and they will be operating from their emotional brain. Yet even though this can be seen as the wrong approach to have, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be able to come to the same conclusion.

For one thing, there are going to be plenty of people who will believe that a certain celebrity is perfect, and there will then be no reason to question then. It then won’t matter what they do for a living, as they will be seen as someone who knows just about everything.

It’s Easy

This is then going to make it a lot easier for a politician to take the next step in their career through having their support. And if these people were to come across information that portrays a politician in a negative light, they could end up ignoring it.

The reason for this is that if they were to take a closer look into something, it could cause them to develop a negative outlook towards the celebrity they look up to. So in order to maintain the idealised image that they have formed in their mind, it won’t be possible for them to face reality.


But even if someone isn’t affected in this way by a celebrity, it can still be a challenge for them to think clearly. It could then be said that certain politicians are not interested in helping people; the only thing they are concerned about is increasing their own power.

If this related to an area of life that doesn’t have much of an effect on people, it could be said that it wouldn’t matter. But as this relates to something that can have a massive effect on others, this is not something that should be overlooked.

A Cover Up

It is then as if certain politicians are treating something that is incredibly important as if it is simply a game. Their own needs (and the needs of the people behind the scenes) can then take precedence, and the needs of the people can end up being ignored.

And through surrounding themselves with well-known people, it can enable them to hide their true intentions. While so many people will be focused on their favourite celebrity/s, it can allow a politician to make sure that certain things don’t make it into the public eye.


Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether a celebrity supports a politician; what matters it what they stand for. As even though it can seem as though a celebrity supports them for what they stand for, it is highly likely that they are simply being paid to do it.

On top of this, they might not even have taken the time to look into what they stand for, but even if they have, it doesn’t mean they have taken a deeper look. They are likely to have different needs to the average person, and so it could be said that they will be out of touch with how most people experience life.

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