Even though someone can be seen as a celebrity, there would have been a time when no one knew who they were. That is unless their parents were already famous, and this would have given them the upper hand.

In The Beginning

Therefore, if one doesn’t have famous parents, for instance, they may have had to work their way up. During this time, they probably would have been able to go out without people recognising them.

This may have been something they enjoyed, or they might have wanted other people to recognise them. Either way, this would have been an experience that wouldn’t have lasted forever.


Even so, there is a strong chance that they had no idea what hat happen in the future, and so there would have been no reason for them to appreciate how their life was. If they had a sense that they would be famous, it might have allowed them to appreciate their anonymity.

At the same time, this could have been a time when they were focused on their own career; with them doing everything they could to move forward. How people would go on to respond to them would then have been the last thing on their mind.

A Gradual Process

If they are a singer or an actor, it might have taken them a while to go from one level of fame to another. As a result of this, there may have been a time when they could go out and only a few people might recognise them.

Yet, as time has passed, it might not be possible for them to go out when they want to. As if they were to do this, they would end up being mobbed by fans, and there would also be plenty of photographers around to invade their privacy.

An Overnight Occurrence

Alternatively, if one is a sports start, this could be something that seemed to happen in a very short period of time. Perhaps they were able to experience life in the same way as most people and, before they knew it, this all changed.

This could show that they were chosen to play for the main team or they might have played for their country. The amount of exposure that they received through doing this would have catapulted them into the limelight.

A Number of Reponses

However, regardless of whether this happened over a period of time or not, it doesn’t mean that the responses they received from others were all the same. Naturally, there would have been people were who were indifferent to what was taking place.

On the other hand, there would have been people who were right behind them, and wanted them to do well. At the same time, there is a strong chance that there would have been plenty of people who had it in for them.

A Boost

When it came to the people who wanted them to do well, this may have given them the energy to work even harder. Through knowing that these people were there to support them, it might have made their life a lot easier.

There is also the chance that this is something they experience to this day, and this will show how loyal their fans are. The energy they give them could inspire them to keep going.

The Opposite Effect

But when it came to the people who didn’t behave in this way, it might have been hard for them to handle. They might have ended up having a negative effect on them, and it might have taken them a while to get back on track.

And if they behaved in this way in the beginning, there is the chance that their behaviour is no different today. Yet, even if it had an effect on them at the start, it doesn’t mean that this is still the case.

Another Outcome

Nevertheless, just because someone supported them from the outset, it doesn’t mean that they continued to behave in this way. Instead, they might have ended up changing their opinion of them.

As a result of this, they could have gone onto criticise them, and to talk about how they shouldn’t be where they are, amongst other things. It could be hard for one to comprehend why this has taken place.

A Deeper Look

When someone wants a celebrity to succeed, it can show that they are putting themselves in their shoes and imagining what they are going through. Therefore, one is then having a vicarious experience of being famous.

Through identifying with them to this degree, the better they do in their career the better one will feel. The trouble is that even though they will feel better through doing this, their life will probably stay the same.


This means that once they have made it, so to speak, and they are no longer trying to succeed, it can cause them to take a step back. They can then see how far they have risen and how different their own life is.

It is then not going to be possible for them to relate to what they are going through, and this can then set them up to direct their own frustration onto them. What this comes down to is that their initial response wasn’t about the person who was about to become famous; it was simply a projection of what was taking place within them.

The Other Side

If one finds that there are people who have gone from being unsupportive to supportive, it could be a sign that they are going through a bad patch. In this case, what one is going through won’t have a negative effect on them, and it could remind them of their own hardship.

Their need to look out for them is then an indirect way for them to look out for themselves. What one is going through is going to remind them of what they are going through.


It could then be said that when it comes to how someone responds to a celebrity, it will all depend on what is going on for them. If they are in a good place, they might not get too caught up in what is going on.

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