Celebrities and bodyguards: the two just seem to go together. Though not every A-lister has a security team, the increase in superstar attacks, robberies, and estate break-ins has made hiring bodyguards a must for most. If only musician John Lennon, songstress Selina, and actress/director Adrienne Shelly had hired security to protect them, they might still be alive today.

Most would agree that celebrities need bodyguards, but what exactly does it take to protect a celebrity from harm? The answer isn’t cut and dry, but there are some basic rules that the best celebrity bodyguards follow.

Celebrity Bodyguard Dos and Don’ts
• Do focus on service— What do a hairdresser, waitress, and a celebrity bodyguard all have in common? Unless they provide excellent service, they’ll be in the same unemployment line. A lot of people don’t think of bodyguards as part of the service field, but it’s their primary focus. Bodyguards have to put attention and needs of their clients at the forefront, regardless of celebrity status.

• Do pay attention to detail— Part of that focus on excellent security service involves paying attention to every little detail. What temperature does your client like the air conditioner to be set on? How do they prefer to handle paparazzi and autograph requests? What makes them anxious? Would they prefer unobtrusive protection with their Bodyguard walking behind them or close personal protection such as walking alongside them? How can you make them more comfortable? These are things that every celebrity bodyguard should know the answers to.

• Don’t fly by the seat of their pants— Great bodyguard services provide not only in the moment security but also proactive protection such as screening threatening fan mail or taking down websites depicting horrible images of the celebrity being brutalized and unauthorized social media posts.

• Above all else is for the Celebrity Bodyguard to conduct an advance survey of the locations where the celebrity plans on going and doing online research looking for any chatter discussing harmful actions planning against the celebrity. The best personal protection specialist, leave nothing to chance.

• Constant Awareness—Professional bodyguards are also familiar with the closest emergency services in the area. Once on the job, they stay aware of their surroundings, knowing that environment can change in the blink of an eye.

• Do be friendly, don’t get too personal—You see it in the headlines every once in a while, “So and so celebrity dating bodyguard.” It may be true that ‘love knows no bounds,’ but the best celebrity bodyguards know how to keep it professional without crossing the line. Though there is a closeness that comes along with providing protection, it doesn’t involve romance. Professionalism is key and familiarity sometimes breaths contempt.

• Don’t reveal too much— Social media has become such a routine part of our lives that many of us forget the real dangers associated with a celebrity’s activities. Celebrity bodyguards are in charge of their clients’ safety as well as their privacy. Sharing too much with family and friends or on social media can put them in unnecessary danger and should be avoided at all costs.
By following these golden rules for bodyguarding, celebrity bodyguards can protect their clients to the best of their abilities.

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