In the same way that food brands often rely on different celebrities to sell their products; presidential candidates can also look towards these kinds of people in order to encourage people to vote for them. When it comes to the former, it could be said that the stakes are relatively low.

If one was to eat something that has been endorsed by a celebrity, it is unlikely to have an effect on the people around them. No matter what they consume, their life will go on, and so will everyone else’s.

Health Problems

However, if they eat something like this on a regular basis, it might have a negative effect on their life. The reason for this is that is that it is not uncommon for celebrities to endorse fizzy drinks or food that is far from healthy.

One could then end up suffering as time goes by, and as a result of this the people they are close to could also experience pain. Yet, as long as they have a good level of self-control they should be fine.

The Only Reason

It would be easy for someone to say that these products can’t be that bad or these celebrities wouldn’t put their face behind them. But what this would overlook is that this is likely to be a way for them to earn money.

Or, if they were to consume what they endorse, it could only take place from time to time. They may be only too aware of how bad it would be for them to consume them on a regular basis.

The Point of Focus

In a lot of cases, people are going to see their favourite celebrities and end up buying what they are promoting. This will be the ideal scenario for the company that is paying them so much money.

When this happens, someone is not going to think about how healthy something is; they will just want to try it because a celebrity they admire is eating/drinking it. This shows how much influence these people have, and this is why they are paid so much money.

A Different World

If one was to look at what these kinds of people eat, they may find that they eat a very strict diet. Not only this, they might also have a number of chefs who prepare their food for them.

The average person is then going to find it extremely hard to relate to these kinds of people when it comes to food. Through having the level of fame and fortune that they have, it won’t be necessary for them to take care of this area of their life.


But when they are putting their face behind a presidential candidate, it could be said that the stakes are going to be a lot higher. As if one was to go along with their suggestion, there is as strong chance that it would affect them and other people.

Along with the effect that is will have in their own country; there will also be the impact it will have on the entire world. Even so, if one admires a celebrity, they could simply vote for who they endorse.

The Same Reason

Ultimately, a presidential candidate is going to realise how much power they have, and this is why they are likely to pay them so much money. Having someone like this on their side will make their life so much easier.

One won’t care about what they stand for; they only thing they will focus on are the celebrities who are endorsing them. The celebrities can be chosen because they are popular, or there could be more to it.

Identity Politics

In this case, their gender, race and/or sexual orientation could also play a part. Through doing this, they hope that it will encourage people to vote for them due to these reasons, and not because of what they stand for or what their policies are.

When a celebrity endorses them at a rally, they could take part in a performance and/or they could talk about how they are the best option. This won’t stop there though, as they could use their social media accounts to spread their views.

Stepping Back

Nevertheless, if one was to put aside the admiration that they have for a certain celebrity and to imagine what it might be like to experience life as they do, they might begin to wonder why they should listen to these people. In the same way that they are unlikely to have to prepare their own food; there are likely to be a number of other things that they don’t need to worry about.

For one thing, there is a strong chance that these people won’t have to worry about money. They could also live in a gated community, and so they won’t have to worry about their safety, amongst other things.

Another planet

When it comes to how they experience life, it is going to be as if they live on a completely different planet. Therefore, although they are endorsing one candidate over another, it’s not as if it’s going to affect them.

This is going to be similar to if one was to stand by one football team and to overlook another; it is not going to make much of a difference. They don’t play for either team; they are simply a supporter.

Out of Touch

Regardless of who wins or loses, one can carry on with the rest of their life. In the same way, a celebrity can also carry on with their life no matter who wins, and this is bound to be a life that is very fulfilling.

When celebrity experiences life in this way; how can they relate to what the average person is going through? Perhaps there was a time in their life when they could, but those days are going to be long gone.


It might be better for these celebrities to focus on what they do best, and for one to pay attention to what each candidates stands for. After all, it is their future that could be at stake; whereas these celebrities can be in a position where they don’t need to worry about who will win.

One way of looking at it would be to say that a celebrity is abusing their position when they endorse a presidential candidate. They are good at one thing (or maybe a number of things) and this then sets them up to believe they know what is best for other people.

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