Don't hold Your Cell Phone Next to Your Head!

The cell phone health warning debate is over for many mobile phone users. After years of research and protests from the cellular money making industry, facts about the growing number of tumors is released to the public.

There are few "real" options to cell phone users.  But there are a couple options that do the job very well.  Many cell phone stores refused to offer "radiation protective" products to their customers. But  independent retails have stepped  up offer solutions.

Cell phone cases seem to be the best option. However beware of a couple of facts. Phone cases alone do not block cell phone radiation.  Most anti-radiation cases do not do the job correctly.  

Cruz phone cases has proven itself to be one of the leading brands and solutions.  Cruz phone cases block the cell phone signal directed out of the front of the phone into the brain each time you use your cell phone.

Competitors such as Pong block the signal directed to the back of the phone and protect your  hand leaving your brain, ear and eyes exposed to harmful cell phone radiation.

"An effective radiation protective case begins with the correct frequency blocking material. But the manufacturing process must be correct or the shielding quality will be weakened", says John Cruz, Founder of Cruz Cases. (

We found helpful information on for those that are interested in not getting brain tumors.  Also we advise it worthy to pay attention to cell phone manufacturer's health  warning in each user manual.  

Your beloved cell phone can be continued to be enjoyed for years to come with the proper radiation blocking cell phone case. For more information please view

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