Flashback to the 90's: Do you need to make a phone call? Grab a telephone. Do you need to get an urgent message to a colleague? Send it through a pager note. How about surfing the net? Turn on your computer. Or, do you need to make some changes on your schedule next week? Jot it down on your desk calendar.

Now let's sprint on back to 2010: Same scenario. One solution: a cell phone. But you're one busy bee. You also need to perk up your points in this online game you've been playing with your buddies. Plus, you could do with more songs on your new iPod. Not to mention uploading your holiday pictures onto your website. Your trusty cell phone is just the tool for all these.

Who would have thought that these thingamabobs would eventually become essential to daily life? They used to be mere options... whims... luxuries, if you may. But these days, they are practically necessities.

Yesterday, I got a sneak peek of how my life would be like sans my cell phone. As I was driving away from home, I already had this gnawing sense at the pit of my stomach that something was askew. House keys: check. Purse: check. Wallet inside my purse: check. What could be wrong?

Willfully, I ignored this warning. After all, what could possibly go wrong when I was just on my way to do some grocery shopping?

A few minutes shortly, there I was at the grocery store, shopping cart poised before me, staring dumbly into space. I had no idea what to shop for. The list was in my phone!

I had to make do with what I could vaguely remember of the list. Sure enough, when I got home, I found that a lot of items were omitted in the list. Moreover, I discovered that I failed to do most of the errands I had scheduled for that day. So much for paying my electricity, water and cable bills!

Oh well. Tomorrow is another day. I'll gladly entrust the reins back to my phone.

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