Cellulaze™, the all-new cellulite laser workstation from Cynosure® is amazing plastic surgeons and patients alike by the revolutionary, lasting cellulite reduction it effects. This ingenious invention is definitely worthy of all the publicity it’s getting on TV, online and in print. This includes regional broadcasts on FOX, CBS, ABC and NBC; a full page feature in the Marie Claire magazine, 13 million impressions, and more than 330 great media pick-ups. Cellulaze has also been socializing with consumers and physicians through an astounding number of Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

The procedure’s popularity would get a good boost with its appearance on the award winning series “The Doctors” this February 24th. One more reason we can expect more and more people to be asking for Cellulaze cellulite laser treatment in the coming days - it got the FDA go-ahead last month.

Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment – So What’s It Actually?

Cellulaze is minimally invasive cellulite reduction at its best. The laser procedure defeats many other cellulite treatments because it targets the root of the problem rather than just touching the surface of it. To make it clearer, other treatments work on the epidermis but Cellulaze targets the causative issues beneath the skin and these are:

  • The connective tissue bands beneath the skin getting rigid or stiff
  • Enlarged fat pockets trapped by these rigid bands of tissue, pushing up
  • Thin skin which serves to make the “cottage cheese effect” more conspicuous

The Benefits Speak Volumes

What’ more, a single Cellulaze treatment is all you require to enjoy appealing results for a year or two. Here are more benefits of the procedure:

  • Fat Effectively Removed - Successful fat removal is achieved by combining an advanced 1440 nm Nd: YAG laser with SideLight 3D™ technology.
  • Supported by Clinical Proof - It is the lone minimally invasive cellulite cure that has a lot of clinical data to prove its effectiveness
  • Local Anesthesia - It uses local anesthesia, which is safer than general anesthesia.
  • Younger Looking Skin - Collagen production is facilitated, improving the flexibility and thickness of the skin and making it look tighter, smoother and more youthful. There are strong claims that the improvement in thickness and flexibility is as much as 25 and 29 percent respectively; that too, even after a year has elapsed following the treatment.
  • Short Treatment – The plastic surgeon would complete your treatment in 1 to 1.5 hours.
  • Negligible Surgical Trauma – Discomfort, bruising and pain from the cellulite reduction procedure, if any, would be negligible. The scars, tiny anyway, would also be inconspicuous.
  • Quick Return to Normal Routine – You can resume your office work or domestic chores in a matter of two days.
  • No Overtreatment – The amazing ThermaGuide™ delivery system keeps you safe from hotspots, over treatment or inconsistencies.

Cellulaze™ is sophisticated laser technology. So you shouldn’t be surprised to know that the system is only given to qualified physicians who have undergone rigorous training in using it and who have passed a web-based CME accredited course. If you plan to do the treatment for yourself, look for a plastic surgeon who also works at an accredited plastic surgery practice.

Cellulaze Cellulite Reduction on “The Doctors”

When you tune in to watch your favorite show, “The Doctors” on February 24th, you’ll see Dr. Christine Petti talking about how Cellulaze is the first and sole one time only cellulite treatment currently available. She’ll take viewers like you through how Cellulaze stands unique in treating the three causative factors for cellulite outlined in this article.

After you watch “The Doctors”, you’ll definitely agree that Cellulaze is a revolutionary cellulite reduction treatment that deserves all the publicity it’s getting.

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Cellulaze Cellulite Treatment NYC - Cellulaze™ is world's first one time FDA approved treatment for cellulite. Presently cellulite laser treatment is done only by qualified plastic surgeons.