Teachers play a part of society since they are responsible for ensuring that children or students learn the require curriculum in a certain period of time thus making it important for the Teacher Eligibility Test to be passed. CTET and TET examination help ensure that the teachers are performing up to the required level thus needing to pass the teacher eligibility test before they could be offered any government teaching jobs.
The examination have been noted to play a major part towards insuring the student learning of fundamental aspects that will be needed in the future since some teachers may have the require qualification but lack the skill required to make lessons simple and interesting for the students. To make sure that the teachers applying for government jobs are eligible and have the required talents the education boards are looking for they must be able to pass the teacher eligibility test.
The preliminary examinations are very similar to other competitive examination but harder since teachers need to answer question related to educating children or student. Even this examination require general knowledge and an aptitude test section to be filled since these sections show the teacher’s interest in knowing what goes on around them. It is important that a teacher be able to understand their surrounding since student usually ask awkward question related to current affairs and other events that a teacher should be able to answer if asked.
The interview section of Teacher Eligibility Test like CTET and TET examination have been noted to be harder than other competitive examination since here is where the teacher ability to control a classes will be noted through the way they respond to the question asked. One should be able to control the class so as to make sure the children maintain discipline since without control in class it could be a major wastage of time as children have been noted to take advantage of such teachers by becoming unruly and not learning.
The examination require to be prepared for well in advance as any other examination would be prepared for since curriculum change and the teachers need to include the latest information on their own. It is also their responsibility to be able to choose simple yet good books for candidates to use since this would make it easier for student to learn the materials. Today inclusion of extra curricular aimed at encouraging slow learners is also being included to teacher eligibility test like CTET and TET. This is because studies show many visual learning children have remained unattended to due to lake of adequate learning methods that they may prefer.

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