Times have changed; this is a new world full of high technology and professionalism in every field. Old and obsolete ways of work have been replaced by new technologies which contribute majorly to the growth of the country. In such a scenario, a major change has been noticed in the education system. It has evolved from the four walls of class room and rote learning methods to general knowledge education and smart classes. New innovative methods have been implemented to teach the students in the class. However, the role and importance of a teacher remains the same. They are required in large numbers to serve the future of India by teaching the students. However, government has made the recruitment method of teachers, a stringent procedure due to requirement of high quality teachers. Thus, central teacher eligibility test has been introduced. CTET would allow entry of only the best teachers who are not only textually aware but have a sound knowledge of other worldly affairs as well.
CTET aims at building a team of teachers who are not only professionally trained but also have the right attitude to teach the students. Due to growing awareness of education, a large number of schools have been set up; they require a large number of teachers. This has lead to their increasing demand. However, the old method of recruitment has been replaced by central teacher ability test which would select the best candidates. The question paper would not only be confined to basic subjects but would be as tough as other competitive exams. Question paper would focus on the current affairs of India to test the general knowledge of the teachers. CTET aims to test all aspects of the candidate including his/her potential in the field of teaching. This will follow an interview round which would further test the aspiring candidates on their personal traits. Their attitude towards teaching, education, general matters, new education system etc would be judged by a panel of highly qualified faculty. It is only after the CTET and the interview that the candidate would be finally selected.
Thus, becoming a teacher is not an easy task anymore. It is a very important career in today's times which decides the fate of many students. Thus, CTET aims to bring a team of teachers who would acquaint the students with all facts and realities of life along with the syllabus prescribed.


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