In stand-alone version, the alarm kits are relatively cheap. In the event of a trigger, they simply emit a siren of 85 dB or more. Powered by batteries, they warn the user when they are weak. Endowed with a strong autonomy, you can forget about them after the installation. However, by pressing the auto test button, you have to make sure periodically that they work correctly.

• In centralized version, it is necessary to choose a Temperature Alarm compatible with your central alarm; otherwise, it can restrict your choice. Usually powered by batteries, a radio link avoids pulling wires in all directions.

• The behavior of the centralized alarm in case of danger is programmable. We can consider ringing the fire station, send them an email, an SMS or even make a phone call with a pre-recorded message to one or more people.

Flood detector

When a leakage occurs without warning, hundreds of liters of water can end up where you do not expect them, soak floors and cause short circuits. A flood detector skillfully placed in a laundry room will inform you if your old washing machine is doing its own and will allow you to react as quickly as possible in order to scoop, pump or shelter the furniture and your most precious goods.

If your home is built in a flood zone, in an area where heavy rains can cause violent river overflows, a flood detector in the cellar or on the ground floor can guarantee your safety. Even during the night, the detector can go off and warn you about the great danger.

Their principle of a Wireless data logger is very simple, a control box is connected to a pair of electrodes, placed as close as possible to the ground. The air separating these electrodes does not let current flow. On the other hand, if the water rises to the electrodes, a contact is made. This triggers an audible alarm of over 85 dB on a standalone detector. If it is connected to an alarm center, you receive an SMS, a call or an e-mail to inform you of this urgency and so that you can react accordingly. A solenoid valve controlled by the alarm is a must; it seals off the water supply to stop any flood caused by a leak, even in your absence.

However, it will not be able to do anything in case of flood. Also, you must not use this type of detector with flammable liquids. If you are in search of best and automated temperature alarms then no look further than TempGenius. It has huge selection available in wireless monitoring system which is pertinent to meet diverse monitoring requirements. For more details visit at:

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