Matthew Hunter Kevelson has been working relentlessly to bring about change in the music industry ever since he started his career as an independent artist and public figure in the early 1990s. Originally from Long Island, New York, he is known by the alias Mattykevs in the real world. Matthew Hunter Kevelson is his true name, and he lives in California.
Mattykevs has turned his love of music into an impressive profession that includes everything from singing to songwriting, instrumentals to production and even arrangement. The intensity of his soundscapes is maintained throughout each musical recording, making it a pleasure to listen to his music. Additionally, he's worked as a marketing consultant for bands, helping them to build their social media presence on Instagram and other platforms.
When asked what distinguishes his music from the others, Mattykevs said, "My music is raw emotion, raw feeling, raw feelings, and raw energy." Honesty, integrity, and elegance are all reflected in my public persona. Originality and ingenuity are hallmarks of Mattykevs' work. His commercial acumen is equally impressive. He has fostered and expanded a group of artists to unprecedented heights.
Mattykevs, a successful businessman, enjoys assisting other artists in achieving their goals in addition to imprinting his own brand. One of the CEO's most recent projects has been to aid some of the most well-known social media and streaming influencers in growing their online followings. He is unafraid to sacrifice his time and resources, and he knows no bounds. The businessman is unyielding in his efforts to assist his artists in finding the appropriate audiences for their work. This guy exudes self-assurance, dedication, and ambition at all times. Mattykevs is a seasoned composer who knows what makes amazing music sound good and how to market it effectively to audiences.
Mattykevs is adamant about his independence, yet he recognizes that there are certain things he cannot do on his own. He understands how important it is to surround oneself with individuals who respect what he does and who have the same ideals as he does. When an artist's work is acknowledged and bought, it is the best feeling in the world for them.
With this much passion for music and such a great work ethic, it's no surprise that he'll go far in life and have a positive influence on others around him. Check out the latest from him on Instagram (@mattykevs).

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