Certainty is an Inner Game and You Can Win It!

Why do you need to master inner certainty?

Here's a few reasons:

There's a lot of stuff going on in the world that's enough to freak you out. You're accustomed to looking around at the things you trust to be solid and stable to give you some semblance of security. You want to believe everything is going to be all right and that life as we know it is secure.

9/11 was the first big shake up. Though less top of mind, it's still heavy awareness of potential danger. Job security, affordable health care and reliable retirement income are tenuous. A growing mountain of debt threatens to crush millions of consumers and households. Fiscal responsibility seems to be out of fashion.

Current political and economic climates offer little certainty as these pressures weigh heavily on minds and hearts. Are you consciously concerned about some of these factors while others are just piling up like little straws with no perceptible impact until the proverbial "straw that breaks the camel's back"

What control do you have over any of it? None! These outside forces are like the weather, all affect the environment, but are uncontrollable. So you look for certainty by trying to control your own corner of the world. Soon you find, that in spite of your best efforts, that's not really in your control either.

It's true; you can sometimes influence things to go a certain way and even when you think you're in control, others are free to think their own thoughts, experience their own perspective, and harbor their own feelings.

So, how DO you create certainty when many of the things you thought you could be sure of, you can't and the people and things you thought you did control, you don't?

Well, like charity, certainty begins at home. There is only one human you have any real control over. You guessed it; you! And there's only way place to get real certainty; yep, within!

Certainty is a sense of knowing, a state of mind and you can be in that frame of mind in a blink. It's easier than you think. With a little practice and conditioning like building a muscle you can develop it.

Here's how:

1 - What are you certain about? If you say, Nothing!, think again. Start with your name, age, SSN, then move on to: who do you love, what's important to you, what do you like to do, what are you most proud of?

2 - Remember a specific time when you felt absolutely certain about something. By the way, you didn't even have to be right. You just had to feel certain.

3 - Go back to that time and float down into your body and feel exactly what that felt like. Get fully associated. Imagine it vividly. What does it look, feel and sound like? Use all your senses to recreate the experience.

4 - Make the feeling even stronger and squeeze your left ear lobe (it doesn't matter where you squeeze, I'm just giving you a place to create what's called an anchor).

5 - Shake your body out and repeat steps 2-4 (even more associated).

6 - Repeat step 5.

7 - You now have a quick link to your feeling of inner certainty. All you need to do is squeeze your left ear lobe. Have fun with it!

Author's Bio: 

Deborah Battersby, developer of the emMatrix System, is dedicated to accelerating success and enhancing quality of life for her global clientele. From those facing abrupt change to those spear-heading it, we all need to know what drives us, what stops us and how to harness these forces to achieve what we want.

Known for innovative techniques and dramatic results, Deborah has helped thousands achieve their goals and transform their lives. She is a Master Practitioner in the field of neurolinguistics and neuro-associative conditioning, as well as a Trainer with Robbins Research International.

She brings these diverse skills to her programs. As one client shared, " In less time than it takes to watch a TV show, Deborah can move you through the barriers you've been bumping up against most of your life!"

Whether coaching high achievers or troubled teens, Deborah helps her clients tap into their own unstoppable power to close the gap from where they are to where they want to be.

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