Career planning is the process of simply matching career goals with one's capabilities. In another word, it's about connecting what people can do well in with what they actually want to do. Defining ones career objectives and having a clear-cut plan in today’s ever-changing environment can be difficult. Job titles and workplace dynamics keep changing constantly. Career paths are no longer linear, as organizations become less hierarchical and worker loyalty decreases. Moreover, there will surely be more changes in the next five years, which need to be accounted for and leveraged in the career plan.

It is an important step in career planning to set short-term and long-term goals. The short-term goals are aimed at goals to achieve in a year. The long-term career goals are set for achieving in a certain number of years depending on the career ladder available in your company and your capabilities. After you begin this process, you are on track and on your way to the next stage in career planning. Reviewing and adjusting those goals is the next stage in your career plan to reach the ultimate position of your liking.

ACHNET is such a platform where we have experienced and certified coaches from all over the globe to help and guide individuals in shaping their career as per their goals. Connect to the expert team of coach online and get guidance at the comfort of your home.

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