Are you wondering if you are as healthy as you could be? Have you been considering that you may need to modify your lifestyle to be healthier? This guide has some simple questions to help you determine where you should focus your efforts.

Have you recently had a physical examination by a health care professional? If not, you may need to make an appointment so that you can review the results of one.

A medical professional or fitness trainer can help you determine if your BMI, or body mass index, is at a healthy level. He or she can also help you understand your cholesterol levels, and any adjustments you may need to make to your diet.

How do your clothes fit? Do you have several different sizes in your closet? If your pants keep getting tighter, you may need to consider losing a few pounds. If you have multiple sizes of garments in your closet, it is a sign that your weight fluctuates too much.

Look at your clothes to see if you have avoided this problem by purchasing garments with elastic in the waist, or that are designed to fit multiple sizes.

Do you regularly engage in fitness activities? Consider how often you perform aerobic or strength training exercises, including activities like weightlifting, kickboxing and running .

If you do not work out at least three to five times each week, you may want to think about increasing your activities. You can find fun and varied ways to meet this suggestion, including diverse suggestions as pilates, yoga and swimming.

Could you quickly walk up and down five flights of stairs? If you would become out of breath, you need to improve your cardiovascular health.

If your legs could not handle it, they need strengthening. If you live or work in a building with stairs, use them instead of the elevator to give your heart and legs a regular workout.

Do you eat foods that are low in fat and high in fiber and vital nutrients? If not, you need to consider making changes to your consumption habits. You will discover that it is easier to perform regular exercise if you are eating healthier foods.

You should also drink plenty of water, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

If you face these questions directly and answer them honestly, you can begin to see the areas you need to work on for your physical health. Develop a routine that addresses your requirements.

Your body and mind will feel better when you make these changes.

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