Nothing beats resting your head on a soft, fluffy pillow at the twilight of the day. Yet is the one you're presently using the greatest for your body? It might not be if you feel neck discomfort or start waking up with stiffness in your neck.

It's also known as a cervical pillow since the cervical spine is the upper section of your vertebrae. According to research, a pillow with strong cervical support can help ease neck discomfort and enhance sleep.

Cervical Pillow Types

The ideal cushion for neck pain is determined by several factors, including your sleeping position, the source of your neck discomfort, and what feels right to you. Typical examples include:

· Neck rolling
· D-core features a D-shaped depression in the center of your head.
· The wavy contour pillows with a longitudinal depression for your head.
· Horseshoe-shaped

Neck pillows are made of various materials, such as down, memory foam, linen, and polyester that may drain away heat and perspiration. The material you pick is important, but only if it helps you feel comfortable with the cushion.

According to experts, comfort trumps all, yet material that maintains you cool might assist you in sleeping more soundly.

It Matters How You Sleep

The type of pillow you pick might help you sleep better, but your sleeping posture is equally important. Congratulations if you sleep on your side or back: these are the greatest positions for neck discomfort while sleeping on your belly is the worst. Whatever position you like, be sure your pillow maintains the natural form of your cervical spine.

· Sleepers on their backs: Consider a curved model created specifically for this position. You might also try a roll-shaped one around your neck and a soft, flattened one to hold your head.
· Sleepers on their sides: It should be broad enough to support your head while yet being firm enough so that your head does not sink into it. Latex pillows provide support while without overheating like memory foam. A contoured cushion is ideal for the task.
· Sleepers on their stomachs: To maintain your backbone as straight as possible, skip the neck pillow in favor of a small one.
· On-the-go sleeping: Try a horseshoe-shaped cushion if you plan to nap on a plane, on a road trip, or even in a chair. These keep your neck from drooping or jolting to one side.

If you base your decision on studies, you won't find much consensus on neck pillows. A review of five trials determined that there was insufficient evidence to suggest them for neck discomfort. Previous research looked into the effects of water-filled cushions, roll pillows, and conventional pillows on sleep quality.

This study discovered that a liquid version reduced morning discomfort and provided greater sleep than a roll cushion or normal form. Another study discovered that a roll-shaped cushion significantly reduced chronic neck discomfort. Remember that neither the participants in this research nor your family and friends can predict what would work best for you.

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