When we look back at our past and compare it with the present, you will notice that our lifestyle has changed tremendously and the number of differences are numerous. As we are moving into a fast world, we don't want to spend time on cooking, hence buying fast foods on the move. This has lead to lifestyle issues dominating our lives and making us weaker. For this very reason, Siberian tea with Chaga there is much research in the medical sector to keep us healthy. Alternate therapies and natural ways are coming into the picture since they have the least side effects.

Antioxidant drinks are becoming popular day by day and are being promoted for various health reasons. However, they should not be confused with energy drinks since energy drinks are high in proteins whereas an antioxidant drink will contain a variety of nutrients that act as speed breakers when absorbed by the body. There are several sources from where we can consume antioxidants such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Among the many antioxidant drinks, the Siberian chaga is known to have a high concentration of antioxidants. If you consume this every day, your immune system will improve tremendously and slow down the ageing process too. The antioxidants protect the body's cells from damage that is caused due to free radicals. The chaga has high levels of superoxide dismutase which is a powerful enzyme that is found in living cells. This protein plays a vital part in neutralizing the free radicals before they damage your body cells and start the process of ageing.

The Siberian chaga contains more than superoxide dismutase. It also has co-enzyme Q10, vitamin E, vitamin C and pycnogenol which are some powerful nutrients that will keep you healthy. Chaga is a type of mushroom that is grown on the trunk of a tree and will look like burnt charcoal. It is prevalent in Siberia, Russia on the black birch trees and is being used since the 1500s to treat health ailments.

Chaga is popularly referred to as the 'gift from God' since its healing properties are known from time immemorial. Chaga tea will be one of the most favorite drinks for women since it is a fantastic anti ageing drink that helps maintain skin elasticity as well as promote healthy skin. Research shows that a certain amount of antioxidants should be consumed on a daily basis to promote health and fight aging. Moreover, the daily recommendation from dieticians is to consume 4 to 13 units ORAC. But if you are doing a lot of physical activity like exercising, then these units should go up since free radicals are increased when your body is worked. Even if you smoke or drink alcohol, you will have to increase the ORAC levels.

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