People are reporting some surprising healing effects from taking a few drops of a special extract, twice a day. How can such a small amount of effort lead to big changes in the body? The secret lies in the chemical components found in Chaga.

What is Chaga?

The chaga mushroom has been called the "King of Herbs,' revered for centuries for its healing and life enhancing qualities. Ancient Medial Masters claimed that chaga enhanced "chi" or life force, life energy balance. Today, chaga is acclaimed throughout Asia for its healing potential.

Chaga has often been sold as dried, cut pieces, brewed as a tea. This hard, crusty mushroom, has also been "artificially cultivated and extracted in alcohol tinctures." However, for greatest potency, chaga must be harvested in the wild which makes it extremely difficult to maintain the high level of potency.

The most potent variety of Chaga has come from the remote mountains of Siberia.
One company, Chaga International, has carefully created the most natural and potent formula, The chaga fungus enters an old birch tree through a wound in the tree and grows under the bark, gradually blisters, and eventually falls off. And then the tree dies. Why? Because the chaga absorbs "life sustaining nutrients from the birch tree."

In the human body, the chaga seems to zap the toxins, re-balhance the body's natural immune system, and enhance the chi or vital life energy force. Does it sound unbelievable?

I would have thought so if I had just read some distant testimonials. But I have been listening, first hand, to real live people of all different ages, telling their remarkable healing stories. They can't all be making it up. They can't all be healing through placebo effect (just healing because they "believe" it works).
Read some of these stories and the serious research findings at

The stories I've heard have ranged from the smoothing of skin that was covered with psoriasis and other unpleasant skin conditions to shrinkage of tumors (even cancerous ones) and lowered blood pressure. Here are only a small number of the real-life stories of remarkable healing occurring with the usage of this simple herbal tincture.

* healing of digestive problems and improved bowel function
* dissolving of small skin growths, skin tags, moles and discolorations
* decreased arthritic pains and reduced swelling
* improved eyesight
* able to fall asleep more easily or to stay awake with higher energy levels
* reduction in hyperactivity in children
* lowered cholesterol and reduced blood sugar problems
* fading of brown spots (liver spots)

If your body needs healing in some way, as most of us do, and your curiosity has been piqued as mine was only two short months ago, read some of the startling research studies about all the powerful healing effects of chaga. These studies have NOT been written by anyone personally involved with manufacturing or selling chaga. These are peer reviewed studies that have appeared in prominent journals citing some really promising research. This powerful extract, along with many of the antioxidant juices now available on the market, are revolutionizing health care - just at a time when we need all the help we can get.

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