Every landowner or property owner will understand the need for a fence. This is the first thing one puts up when one buys a land or property. It helps define your property and keeps unwanted stray animals and people off it. This secures your land and gives it your identity. Here is a look at the different types of fences one uses commonly.

Chain link fence

The first most popular type is the chain link fence. In this, we have many types such as galvanized hot dipped wire fence, PVC coated, and stainless steel wire fence. You can get more details on this from the website of the Chain Link Fence Manufacturer. You find this in many places such as Apartment buildings, tennis courts, warehouses, land, plots, industrial areas, pool areas, and parking lots. The fence has a net-like configuration. The wires are interwoven into a mesh and hung from steel pipes secured in the ground with concrete. This gives adequate safety and maintains privacy of your property. Also, it gives you good visibility on all four sides so that you are always in control of what goes on in your property.

Usefulness of chain link fence

We see many advantages of chain link fences. One is that it is cheap and needs very little maintenance as compared to a brick wall. It is a good option for residential and commercial enterprises because it gives you good visibility. It is easy to install we don’t need skill to install. If you need partition between two houses, then chain link fences give you the right option. Another place where you will need this type of fence is at a construction site. This makes a good temporary fence that allows you good command over an entire site.

You can put up this fence over a large property in a short time itself. Standard sizes are 1x1 inches to 3x3 inches increments of half an inch. Smaller sizes are available but they will be suitable only for fencing poultry farms. In some instances, the small size mesh is used as reinforcement in reinforced concrete. It is also used for making unbreakable glass partitions.

Types of coatings

We have two kinds of coatings for chain link fences. One is the zinc coating and the other is PVC coating. Zinc coating is done by either electro galvanizing method or by hot dipping method. The usual method used for chain link fences is hot dipping method. The other coating is PVC coating. This gives the fence a beautiful finish. Also, we can choose from many colors.

Use of concertina wires

For those areas where one needs maximum security, we use concertina wires. This is razor wire that has barbs usually at 40-50 mm distance. The thickness of the wire is about 2.6 mm. Diameter of coil in closed condition is 1050mm. For galvanised wire, the coating of zinc is 80-100 grams/meter. Weight of coil is 15.2 kg and it has 50 turns. Blade spacing is 24 mm and blade length is 10mm. You can get more specifications from the Concertina Wire Manufacturer in your area. The tensile strength of the wire is 1620 N/sq.mm.

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