You have probably heard that chakra balancing is essential for your wellbeing. However, before learning how you can balance your chakras, you need to find out what are they and which parts of our body can each one affect.
Each chakra refers to a different body part, affecting a different area and different emotions; therefore, finding balance between them can help us solve any problems we might have. Here is a general reference guide to keep in mind.
Root chakra is associated with legs, spine, bones, the entire skeleton and the large intestine of our body. The proper function of this chakra ensures energy, security, trust, ability to survive and the power to achieve better things. The Sacral Chakra is associated with the reproductive system, the sex organs, the bladder and kidneys and refers to our creativity, self love and awareness. The solar plexus is associated with the skin, the small intestine, the nervous and digestive system and refers to the overall personality as well as our self esteem and confidence.
Heart Chakra refers to our hands and arms, our lungs, our heart and blood circulation and is associated with feelings such as forgiveness, compassion, love. The throat chakra is associated with neck, throat, mouth, nose and teeth and refers to communication, expression and imagination. The third eye chakra refers to the nervous system, our ears and eyes and is associated with realization, understanding, intuition and insight. And finally, the crown chakra refers to our skin and mind and is associated with our enlightenment, wholeness and knowing.
Balancing chakras is, thus, not easy, but it’s absolutely necessary if we wish to enhance our wellbeing. We can achieve balance in many different ways; some people find that the color vibrations can bring them balance, so they use colored crystals. Some others focus more on aromatherapy and make use of essential oils for healing purposes. Other people seem to concentrate on themselves trying to protect their body and mind from negative feelings, while other practice yoga or reiki in order to achieve these positive results and feel better for themselves.
It seems that western science is now beginning to acknowledge the fact that chakras exist and can affect our health. For thousands of years wise people have been telling us that our body functions with vibrations, so when there is an optimum level of vibrations we are in resonance, hence in balance. When we recognize that each and every part of us functions on different frequency then we know that we can affect the resonance and frequency of that organ so as to achieve its optimal function. Achieving the balancing of these frequencies is achieving chakra balancing.
Our mental state and emotions also function on certain frequencies; this is actually the secret behind the power of inspirational sounds and music that make our chakra fall into sync, creating feelings of relaxation and serenity. Out of sync conditions can make us feel tired, mentally and emotionally exhausted, as well as depressed, and our body will need fine tuning again.

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