Chakra balancing is related to the overall sense of wellbeing. If you want to feel better, perform better and be filled with positive thoughts and energy, you need to start promoting healing from within. For some people healing might refer to a spiritual movement, for others a journey towards self acknowledgement.

Striving to provide a harmonic balance in your mental, psychological and spiritual life is of significant importance. There is no easy or fixed recipe on how to do so; some people need to meditate, some others will have to use CDs with relaxing music or sounds from the nature. In any case, if you wish to find some inner balance, you need to make meditation or self concentration a daily habit of half an hour. At first you will probably need to schedule it, but after some time this will become your habit and your need.

Moreover, you will need to get a little more physical. You need to take care of your body, performing refreshing exercises. This does not meant that you need to do weight lifting, body building or taking long and exhausting work outs every day. You just need to get physical, walking for half an hour per day, or taking up yoga practices, such as Kundalini or Hatha yoga, or exercising types such as Pilates, that promote vitality, health and energy flow in your body, refreshing your adrenal glands.

Many people find fasting helpful for chakra balancing as well. Fasting for a 3-4 days per month can help. Some others think that herbal cleanse can be helpful too. What is important to understand is that cleansing is crucial to chakra balancing, because it rids your body off toxins and negative waste. Keeping the outer and inner part of yourself clean is essential for good chakra balance.

Our way of life promotes a rather hectic rhythm that stresses us out. If you wish to strive for inner balance, you need to set limits to the amount of work you are ready to undertake, working smarter, but not longer and harder. You need to strive for self reliance, managing your money in a more effective and efficient way. Find a hobby that will make you feel relaxed, sleep better and reflect. Try to spend more time with the people you love and those who affect you positively with their good energy. And when you feel that you need to turn off the sources of external stimulation, do so. Make sure that you sleep well and rest whenever you feel you need it.

The Chakras correspond to some parts of our body and are identified as wheels of energy by many different western and eastern philosophies. In western medicine these parts refer to the nervous and endocrine system that promotes health and longevity. Each one has the ability to receive and transmit energy which is called prana, chi or in any other way. What is important is to understand that these chakras need to be in sync with each other, in order to allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, being positively energized.

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