Healthy Chakras are referred to as "clear" and "balanced". They help us to maintain our sense of harmony, clear direction and purpose in life. Balancing and healing the Chakras will transform the energy flow completely changing our lives.

Essential oils are used to treat our body, mind and souls On a physical level essential oils are used to treat colds to relieve pain reduce inflammation kill bacteria, fungus and viruses. Essential oils relief, stress, anxiety and anger. On a spiritual level essential oils aid us in clearing our energy centers essential oils are great for meditations, affirmations and visualizations because of the plants vibrations their Prana their life force.

Essential oils promote a sense of oneness with the universe.

Application: Sit in an easy comfortable position, choose the oil that you are most drawn for each charka healing then mix 15 to 20 drops in 4 oz bottle with a carrier oil, (Sweet Almond) and then apply to base of spine and feet.
Closing your eyes and repeating the affirmation

1st Charka Root Base “I am” Muladhara
Location: Base of Spine
Element: Earth
Color: Red
Essential Oils: Cederwood: earthy and grounding.
Frankincense: Centering promotes a sense of clam.
Patchouli: Gives strength, grounding balancing.
Affirmation:: I am centered, I am grounded, I'am safe

2nd Charka Sweetness
Location: Sacrum
Element: Water
Color: Orange
Essential oils:
Cardamom: stimulates sexual energy
Geranium: nourishes feminine creativity
Jasmine: connects sexuality and spirituality
Ylang Ylang: promotes sensuality unites
I unconditionally love and approve of myself at all times.

3rd Chakra "lustrous Gem”
Location: Solar plexus
Element: Fire
Color: yellow
Essential oils:
Ginger: Promotes courage and confidence
Juniper Berry: Protects against negative influenced
Peppermint: Helps to over come feeling of inferiority
I deeply love and approve of who I am.

4th Chakra “Unstuck”
Location Heart
Element: Air
Color: Green
Sound: Yam
Essential Oils:
Bergamot: Opens the heart anda lets love flow in
Lavender: Calms and stabilizes the heart
Rosemary: Inspires faith and joyful love
I deeply and truly love and approve of myself.

5th Charka “Purification”
Location Throat
Element: ETHER
Color: Bright Blue
Sound: Ham
Essential Oils:
Fennel: Promotes uninhibited communication
Geranium: For Communicating and listening intimately
Peppermint: Promotes clarity in communication
Chamomile:Express truth without anger
Affirmation:I speak from my heart

6th Chakra
AJNA “Command Center”
Location Brow
Element: Light
Color Indigo
Sounds: om
Essential Oils: Basil clears the mind
Clary sage Strengthens the inner eye helps up to see more clearly
Frankincense quiet the mind lemongrass stimulates psychic awareness
Rosemary promotes clear thoughts, insights and understanding
I open myself to my intuition and deepest knowing.

7th Chakra
SAHASARA “ Thousand Fold”
Location Top of head
Element: Thought
Color Violet/ White
Sound: none
Essential oils:
Rosemary helps us to remember our spiritual path
Neroli, promotes direct communication with your sprit guide
Lavender; helps with leading spiritual life
Frankincense connects us with the divine
I am truth, freedom love and beauty

Author's Bio: 

Robin Barnette has been certified as an Aromatherapist by the American College of Health Sciences and by Floracopeia Essential oils. Throughout her life, Robin has sought the benefits of alternative medicine as she has seen the amazing healing benefits first-hand. Her evolution in the alternative healing arts have taken her from being a ERYT 500 Yoga Instructor by The Yoga Alliance to becoming a Registered Yoga Therapist at The White Lotus Foundation. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree from Cal State, Northridge in Liberal Studies. Robin believes that the true way to optimal health and happiness is through aromatherapy, yoga, love, laughter, and big, deep aromatic breaths.