All of us have seven different energy points or chakras in our body and focusing our attention on each of these can unblock the channel and promote easy flow of positive energy and thereby healing. It is important to know where each of the seven chakras is positioned in the body. Only then will you be able to carry out chakra meditation which will help to re-awaken your senses and provide a solution to any kind of problem that you are facing in your life.

One of the main benefits of chakra meditation is to relieve yourself of stress; both physical and mental. Our present day lifestyle is very hectic, strenuous and stressful which causes blockage of various chakras and thereby numerous problems in our relationships, health and career. Focusing on the apt chakra will help remove these blocks and make you calm, composed and relaxed once again. Another big advantage of practicing this technique is to induce healing. Since each chakra is placed at a strategic location in the body and represents a particular organ or system, any health issues affecting your life can be healed by focusing your energy on that particular chakra.

The third benefit of chakra meditation is to provide a sense of inner well being and harmonious balance by removing all blockages in the energy channels. This type of meditation also helps to develop your inner awareness and intuition providing you with a consciousness that you are one with the world. This holistic approach can enable you to handle the numerous problems that may plague your life and seek answers for all your questions.

Some people also recommend the use of aromatherapy oils while doing meditation which will only enhance the effects of this technique and provide you greater stress relief. Directing your inner energy on your chakras is not only beneficial for your health but also in achieving a sense of well being and relaxation

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