There are different ways by which you can carry out the technique of chakra meditation and one of these is by using different mudras and sounds for each energy center. These will help to unblock and open up the energy channels and enable free flow of energy and also induce healing and stress relief. The mudras are performed using your fingers and the sounds which are basically Sanskrit letters are chanted in a particular fashion. When you chant a particular sound meant for a particular chakra, then you can feel a kind of resonation in that part of the body and also experience the profound feeling that goes with it.

To open the root chakra, touch the tip of your thumb with your index finger and focus your attention on the spot at the base of your spine. The sound you must chant for this center is LAM. For the Sacral chakra, the sound to be chanted is VAM and the mudra is to place your hands on your lap on top of each other with the palms facing upwards. Place the left hand beneath the right so that the left palm touches the back of the fingers of the right and also make sure that the thumbs of both the hands are touching each other. The navel energy center is located at the spinal region and the mudra to open this chakra is to join your hands together so that the fingers touch at the tips. Make sure that the thumbs are crossed and your hands are placed before your stomach. The chanting sound for this chakra is RAM.

In chakra meditation, the chant sound for heart center is YAM and the mudra is to sit cross legged on the floor and touch the tip of your thumb with your index finger. Place the right hand below your breast bone and your left hand on your left knee. For the throat chakra, the sound HAM has to be chanted and the mudra is to touch the tips of your thumbs together and cross the rest of the fingers inside to form a cup. Chant OM or AUM to open your third eye chakra and the sound NG for the crown chakra.

It is best to take the help of an expert and practice doing this chakra meditation before doing it all by yourself.

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