Chakra meditation or Anusandhana is the technique which enables you to discover or identify your chakras. This type of meditation is especially useful for beginners as it can help them explore the various energy points untutored and thus remove the blocks and restore the harmonious balance. This gentle method enables you to awaken your senses once again offering the balance that you need in your life.

There are different ways by which you can carry out chakra meditation; if you are a beginner, getting the help of an expert will benefit you immensely. But if you want to try out this technique on your own, remember to keep the following points in your mind as you meditate. Anusandhana can be carried out in a sitting or lying position; adjust your clothes and body to make yourself comfortable and relaxed and then close your eyes. Start breathing slowly and deeply so that the whole body gets relaxed but do not attempt to control it in any manner.

Once you have relaxed, then begin the meditation by carrying out Ujjayi pranayam which you must do for a short while. Slowly start being aware of the way you breathe; get into an ‘up and down’ pattern which means ascending the spinal passage with inhalation and descending using exhalation. As you do this, try to mentally locate and meditate on each chakra; you need not be exact in its location but as focus your energy on the general area and mentally say the name of the chakra as you pass that direction. Do these in both directions as you breathe; top to bottom and vice versa.

Once you have finished meditation, end by letting out the breathing sound and also by chanting the mantra ‘Om’ three times. Chakra meditation is a very powerful way of re-awakening your senses and inner being and bringing peace and harmony to your inner self.

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