Chakra meditation is a type of meditation technique in which your focus and attention is channelized on the seven different chakras or energy points in your body. Unlike other techniques, this type of meditation need not be too long; in fact it can be as short a duration as one minute. The main goal behind this technique is to cleanse and remove any blockages in your chakras so that universal energy can flow through your system without any hindrances. This cleansing action benefits you by healing you physically, emotionally and spiritually and also evokes a sense of well being and complete relaxation in the body.

If you are a beginner, then it is important that you learn which are the seven different chakras and the effect each of these have on your body. For example; the heart chakra denotes the cardiovascular system and also stands for your relationships and feelings like love and happiness. Only if you know the different representations of the energy centers, will you be able to focus accordingly to induce healing when a particular problem arises. During chakra meditation, you can either focus on just one chakra which you believe is blocked or you can give your attention to all the points beginning from root chakra at the bottom to the crown center at the top.

While meditating, imagine each chakra to be a transparent colored ball; visualize that you are spinning it clockwise and breathe deeply to cleanse each of these centers. Though you are only imagining this process, subconsciously, your energy centers are getting cleanses and removed of any negative blocks which have been preventing the flow of energy. As you get deeper into the meditation, you can make the balls spin faster and also imagine that the dark spots on the ball are removed which will in turn cleanse the chakra faster.

A session of chakra meditation can leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. It provides an instant mood upliftment and also provides you with immense mental energy.

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