A deep understanding of the seven different chakras or energy centers in your body is very important before you start to practice chakra meditation. After all, the main purpose of this technique to open up and remove any blocks in your energy center so that the universal positive energy can flow freely through your system and revitalize and rejuvenate your inner being. A disharmony among the chakras can wreck havoc in your life; this meditation technique is one of the best ways by which you can open up your energy points once again.

Starting from head to toe, the seven chakras are placed at seven different spots and each has a color associated with it. Located on the top of the head is the crown chakra which is represented by the purple color; this energy center is your route to higher consciousness, intuition and spirituality. So if you are looking for spiritual enlightenment, then you must focus on this center during chakra meditation. The next is the third eye which is located on the forehead and is denoted by the indigo color. This also serves as our guide to the spiritual world. The throat chakra is the third one and like the name suggests is located at the base of the throat and has blue as its color. This energy center is responsible for all our communication skills especially with the physical world.

The fourth is the heart chakra which is located near the center of the chest and is the center that stands for all our emotional feelings like love, joy, happiness and passion. It is also the center which deals with our relationships and has green as its color. The solar plexus is located below the chest, has yellow as it color and is the center for will power and inner energy. Focusing on this point during chakra meditation can help you get rid of unwanted habits and also helps to boost your determination. The sixth is the sacral chakra situated in the lower part of the stomach and denotes sexuality and psychic wellbeing; it is represented by the color orange. And the last is the root chakra placed at the base of the spine and represents your inner balance, stability and focus; red is the color associated with this center.

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