Living in a world of technology, it is safe to assume that many will consider the shift into a more opportune world, an easier way out. Yes, and they are considerably not at all wrong, with platforms such as the ubiquitous social media which have you have the upper hand to participate in interactive digital communities, express your opinion, or find the product information, it is of the opinion that digital marketing is also just a click away.
Since we are so accustomed to a world of technology we cannot ponder over the fact of how people before us must have had a life without one. It is indeed rational to assume the scenario which without doubt the previous generation must have thought of the same. However, there is and always be two sides to each tale and although digital marketing in general has become so much more convenient since we assume we have the bird’s eyes to what the customer wants, searches, looks for. What is sad about being born into this generation is that you have to keep up the pace, the competition to be among the top and that is oh never so easy.
There are lots and lots of challenges stepping into a world of digital marketing, which we will now shortly discuss:
Planning to have a digital marketing is not only about having the right assets, infact it is as much a hassle as all marketings must have been. Apart from the development costs, the time on analytics and several different inefficiencies involved, digital marketing is not as easy as they are made to appear. Since, it is so much in competition one must have the right tools or strategy otherwise each campaign might prove time consuming which is something you might want to avoid. There is also this misconception that since digital marketing techniques do not involve one as traditional marketing did such as replacing the pricey channels like print and TV ads, but digital marketing can sometimes also cost the same or even more . And to avoid that, one must need to produce an ongoing flow of digital campaigns which will include hiring of more developers, engineers and digital designers to collect data and build assets to spread the campaigns to the right channels to the right people.
Don’t you just hate the feeling when you feel that you did something creative and out of the box for your social experiment work but on turning up for the submission someone has almost the same or identical work as yours? Well, that happens just one specific day for us but in the world of digital marketing with people having a sea of exposure to the mass media with huge security risks of being pilfered or ideas replicated one can only imagine the frustration which is why having an original voice or engaging the people is very crucial. The recent SEO’s role in the digital marketing has helped a lot for its growth but before SEO’s, keywords were the main key that is not to say that keywords are not in use anymore, it is still very much in use but with all of Google’s algorithm changes, keywords have become more of a less input. Which means one needs a key phrase rather than the dignified keywords.
A man of interest changed the directions of building explosives on social media to making cupcakes which in this regard is highly applaudry. However in digital marketing luck might not always come your way as there are lots and lots of ad blockers, meaning your hard work, investment and time might get stuck in the road-blockade where your supposed customers is supposed to see the ads. All these hence only lets down your cost-effective technique.
It is indeed a lot of work, investing the right money, time, people and challenges to let your digital marketing work but also what world will it be without competition and growth.

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Living in a world of technology, it is safe to assume that many will consider the shift into a more opportune world, an easier way out.