There are the changes that one can make in their own life and then there are the changes they can make in the world. And as one is part of the world, what takes place in their life can end up affecting the world.

The internet has given individuals the power to make more of a difference than ever before. One doesn’t need to be part of an organisation and neither do they need the backing of a big company – they simply need to create a blog or a video for instance.

This can all be done without one needing to have much money in the bank; all they need to have is a message and the desire to share the message. It is then possible for one to influence people from all over the world without needing to leave their home or the area where they live.

A Platform

In the past, people didn’t always have the chance to speak out and to express their grievances, but they now have a platform where they can speak their mind. While some people are selective in regards to what they share on the internet, there are others who show little, if any, restraint.

On one side it has given people the chance to do something they have never been able to do before and on the other side it has meant that this can all be done without one needing to monitor what they say. This means that one doesn’t need to be too careful about what they say or to check if is accurate.

Two Types of Change

When one has problems, they can try to change what is taking place externally, focus on what is taking place within them or place their attention on both sides. There are going to be times when one will need to focus on what is taking place within and times when they will need to place their attention on what is happening without.

If one was to only focus on what is happening within them, they would soon lose touch with reality and they wouldn’t take the action they need to allow their inner changes to materialise. Just as if one was to only focus on what is happening externally, they would overlook the part they are playing in what is happening externally.

Personal Reality

How one experiences life can be seen as the truth and how life is; this means that one is simply observing reality and having no effect on their experience. However, one’s experience of life is based on their perception and everyone on this planet has a different perception. The people who have a similar outlook are likely to get on and to be close friends, and they could even come to conclude (either consciously or unconsciously) that their view of reality is reality.

Yet, no matter how many people agree with them or how convincing it is, it is still a perception. So when one is experiencing a problem in their life or a number of them, it is going to be important for them to look at what is taking place within them.


This is not to say that one’s perceptions are an illusion and have nothing to do with reality. What this means is that one is not simply observing reality, they are playing a part in what they see or don’t see.

At times when one is annoyed about something, they will need to face the challenge head on and at others, it will be a sign that they need to look within. Once they change what is taking place within them, their perception of their outer challenge can also change.


Through this, one might no longer experience the same challenge and if they do, it might no longer affect them. Yet, in order for one to change their perception of life they will need to be aware of what is happening within them and to then change it.

When one is not aware of what is taking place within them, it doesn’t mean it will have no affect on their life. Instead, it will play a part in what causes one to experience a strong emotional reaction.

It’s Out There

If one is out of touch with what is being triggered within them, they could end up believing that what is taking place externally is the cause of how they feel. This could then cause them to try to change ‘the world’ as opposed to changing what is within them.

When this relates to something that might affect a lot of people or one is around people who also have the same challenge (and as the people one surrounds themselves with reflect them on some level, this is to be expected), it can be harder for one to realise what is taking place within.

Another Approach

If one was to step back and look at what is causing their need to ‘change the world (and this doesn’t mean that one’s desire to for external change is therefore a ’bad’ thing), they could soon feel uncomfortable. Focusing on external problems is then a lot less painful than it is for them to look at and process their own emotional pain.

To go within could cause them to feel emotions that are painful and yet by keeping their attention on what is wrong externally, it could cause them to experience emotions that cause them to experience a sense of control. All the time their attention is on what is taking place externally, they could experience anger and rage and if they were to go within, they could feel powerless and/or helpless for example.


Let’s say that one does look at their inner pain and that they deal with it, they might still have the same need to change ‘the world’ or they might be drawn to something else. Nevertheless, at least they will be aware of what their motivation are and if their actions are making the world a better place of if they are adding to the problem.

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