As the season changes, so do we. Fall is a time of new beginnings and reawakening. I don't know about you but I'm really feeling it. There have been so many shifts in my life lately and it has been a little bit crazy. I was thinking this morning about how exciting it is to enter a time of growth and change, and also how overwhelming it can be. I thought it would be a good topic to share with my readers, because many of you are also going through changes.

Sometimes when we get a glimpse of a new world that resonates with us, we want to dive in head first, and there is nothing wrong with that. However when we jump too fast it can sometimes lead to feeling overwhelmed and under accomplished. If you're anything like me, you might find yourself in this situation quite often. When I discovered the power of eating well and healthy lifestyle I felt so passionate about making my life a reflection of that. At times I would get frustrated with myself for not being able to change every aspect of my life fast enough to be living the "ideal" lifestyle. And when we feel like we aren't "doing" enough to accomplish our goal it can actually lead to us feeling frustrated and leaving that goal behind. This is the trap. We see something that inspires us and in turn we want to emulate it in order to create it for ourselves. But instead of creating the life that truly fits us we try to fit it inside of an image, probably an image of a life that fits someone else.

If you have recently started your journey to a healthier more balanced lifestyle, that is wonderful. Listen closely to the whole point of this post: BE PATIENT AND TRUST THE PROCESS. It is easier said than done but I mean this with every cell in my body.

Maybe you want to cut out all processed foods from you diet and exercise three times a week, maybe you are adding in a ton of vegetables and quitting soda, maybe you are ready to give up your unhealthy relationship with food and start to love yourself in a new way, maybe there is a part of you that wants to completely change your lifestyle and leap from a relatively unhealthy diet to a gluten free, sugar free, dairy free diet- whatever it is that you want and you are excited about, you will get there. But in order to get there and not give up you need to trust the process and be patient with your body. These changes seem external but in reality they are not. We are our bodies and our bodies are what we eat and how we live. When we change these things it can cause emotions to come up, and it can be uncomfortable. But if you trust yourself and take your journey moment by moment and day by day, you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be. It might be that your initial goal doesn't completely fit you, and it has changed. That is ok! In fact when we start to get to know ourselves better, it is common for goals to shift.

Whatever changes you are facing this fall, know that you are supported. You are supported by YOU, you are supported by me, and you are supported by the entire universe. Trust the process and enjoy the journey.

Love and light,


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Natalie Canizares is an Institute of Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach and Wellness Expert. She empowers people to eliminate bad habits, let go of limiting beliefs, create new actions, and holds you accountable to achieve results. Her holistic approach gives you the tools and support to achieve long term success. Email Natalie for Coaching at