We are witnessing some of the biggest astrological events of our lifetime. Last year, there were events like a grand cross, an eclipse, and all the major planets moved into a new house. I do not profess to know anything about astrological events, but was informed of this by a wise teacher that this is significant. Add this to the dramatic weather that is occurring across the globe, and the collapse of major institutions, and what are you left with?

Change, huge change, and it affects all of us. There are a large number of people for whom the word change is very frightening. Many of us expend a vast amount of energy trying to maintain the status quo, in order to feel safe and secure. Some people thrive on change and adapt quickly to new surroundings and situations.

Whichever type of person you are, change is inevitable. The only thing that is certain is that change is happening around us at all times. With every breathe cycle, change occurs- new cells are formed, old ones die, and the body adjusts to the changes. We reside on a living planet, that changes all the time- volcanoes blast through the crust, re-shaping the land, the sea erodes rocks, which eventually become sand, and water - one of the fundamental elements upon which we depend for life- evolves through rain, water, steam, ice, and so on, many thousands of times before it ends up in our glass.

There is a huge momentum on the planet at this time to transform. Changes are rocking the security of our world on so many levels, it is almost as if we have no choice. As the planets all move into new houses, and we approach 2012, it is becoming apparent that now is the time to make the changes that we need to, now is the time to deal with our history and now is the time to break free of the old and welcome the new, whatever that might be.

Although there is a lot of speculation about 2012 and beyond, nobody really knows what will happen until we get there. However, by embracing change today, we can be more prepared for whatever tomorrow brings us. By being prepared to let go of yesterday, and all that it is keeping us tied to both emotionally and physically, we can be more present, and more able to move with the times, regardless of what is in store for us.

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Written by Caroline Nettle.

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