It consists of a display panel along with buttons in order to allow its users to interact with it in a better way. A mobile SIP dialer works on the VoIP aka voice over internet protocol model and is known to provide a remarkable experience in terms of calling due to a number of features. The softphone is compatible with all kinds of Softswitches, which act as the central device in connecting one telephone line to another. It can also be used with all types of private branch exchange which is a private telephone network within an organization.

Many service providers use Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and hence it is also called mobile SIP dialer. It takes the calling experience to a new level with a crystal clear voice. The HD audio quality enables the user to listen to each and every detail and therefore enhances the quality of calls.

The Mobile SIP dialer has a new and advanced interface which makes it seem more like a phone. It has been composed in a way so as to change a PC into a virtual phone very easily. Apart from the user-friendly interface, it also guarantees secure calling. So a company can use the same for establishing contact between its employees. And they won't have to worry about the third party which may intercept its calls.

Other than the security the company can also get its own logo and branding over the softphone, which is known as a white-label mobile SIP dialer app. And softphones are being used widely as a replacement for desk telephones. The mobile SIP dialer is the perfect mix of VoIP and mobile technology and therefore is an ideal option for business as well as personal needs. Other important features that can prove to be helpful for the users are call transfer, call hold, call forward and much more.

Users can also check the balance or rates with the mobile SIP dialer and have unlimited users access. It gives the opportunity to the user to transfer the data and files in almost every format from MP3 to JPEG.

Keeping the functionality and advantages aside, the payment gateway is yet another thing that must be reliable. The Mobile SIP dialer has a reliable and trustworthy payment gateway which is completely secure. It also provides these many functions at a very affordable rate that is why it is preferred by businesses and organizations. It helps them in building a communication network system within the organization as well as contacting people outside the organization.

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